Aubert Ussaca’s life turned upside down when the company he had been a sub-contractor abruptly ended his contract (5 years of service) in January 2015. His company car was repossessed, he also had to move out of his flat, and had to sell all his possessions. Life became difficult for him and he started visiting witchdoctors seeking help, but his situation did not change.

He moved into a shack at his sister’s yard and decided to stop visiting sangomas. He went to visit a friend one day and he was told the friend was at Unity Fellowship Church. He then asked for directions to the church and that is how he started coming to Unity.

On Wednesday 03 May 2017 he received a message from a sangoma through someone that no matter where he went, his situation would never change. But the Lord intervened, on Thursday 04 May 2017 a company called him to visit their site. He went there on the 5th of May 2017 and by the grace of God he was given a contract to sign for a job. He was just told to come with his team and the company would provide everything from medical insurance to BEE certificates. He has started working on Monday the 8th of May 2017. If you believe God for your breakthrough, nothing shall be impossible!