Mr Sibusiso Mdletshe has been unemployed for 7 years after being unfairly dismissed at his workplace. All these years that he was still attending the court case his life became very hard for him to an extent that he was even blacklisted at the credit bureau. He came to Unity Fellowship Church and God started to perform miracles in his life. This first started when he partook on the Isaac special offering a day before his court date appearance. On the date of the court, his case was miraculously dismissed and he was found innocent. He is now reinstated to his old job and was paid for all the years he was not working.

After this court battle, Mr Mdletshe decided to look for a car at a dealership. His vehicle finance application for a brand new Nissan NP300 bakkie got approved within 24 hours. He is now grateful to the Lord Jesus for opening doors in his life. He thought he would not qualify since he was blacklisted at the credit bureau. He is also grateful to Pastor Mukhuba for her continuous teachings and prayers.

Lastly, he would like to give thanks to God for the divine healing of his son who had mysterious rash on his neck. His son got healed after he prayed and ministered the UBN Holy Anointing Oil on his neck. If the Lord could intervene in Mr Mdletshe's life, he will also intervene in yours. Just hold on to your faith in God.