Mr Tendani Mavundadavhi used to drink alcohol excessively. He comes from a family that worships ancestors. There is an ancestral hut at his family home and he was chosen to care for the hut. He came to Johannesburg for job purposes. In 2012, he came to Unity Fellowship Church and he listened to the preaching of Pastor Mukhuba. He decided to get married but he could not be intimate with his wife.

Whenever he would want to be intimate with his wife, he would have stomach pains and if he insisted, he would have diarrhoea. During the Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday services the pastor prayed for deliverance of those who come from families that worships ancestors and he received his deliverance and he now gets intimate with his wife. He no longer participates in any ancestral ceremonies nor he supports their events financially. He is now a happy man in his marriage and he no longer drinks alcohol.

My brethren, if the Lord could do it for Mr Tendani Mavundadavhi, He can also do it for you. Surrender your case to the Author and the Finisher of our faith.