Mr. Victor Ramoshaba is a member of Unity Fellowship Church and UBN workers team. He would like to glorify the Lord by confirming the word of God preached by the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba. Mr. Ramoshaba testified that he had been serving with excellence since he joined the UBN team early in 2012. The Lord rewarded his efforts by enabling him to attain his Engineering degrees in April 2018. God also blessed him with a job that pays a good salary in February 2020. Mr. Ramoshaba had never been paid a high salary since he started working. He praised God for His goodness when he testified in March 2020.
He had been living in a rented room from November 2016 to June 2021. He experienced many difficulties while living in that place because of electricity outages. The outages would occur frequently and for extended periods of up to three weeks. When there was no electricity, it would be challenging for Mr. Ramoshaba to perform his daily duties for work and the department he serves under at Unity. The country went into national hard lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic a few weeks after Mr. Ramoshaba testified. People lost their jobs as some companies closed down. That brought uncertainties to many people, including Mr Ramoshaba as he feared losing his job.
On the 12th of April 2020, Mr. Ramoshaba participated in the UBN online Resurrection Sunday Service. Pastor Mukhuba told the online church that there would be no abandonment or decay in their lives because God is with them. She continued to add that they would advance and succeed. Mr. Ramoshaba believed that word, and it gave him hope that he would not lose his job. He knew that he would achieve his future goals if he remained employed. Mr. Ramoshaba again connected to the online Tuesday Healing and Deliverance Service on the 14th of April 2020. Pastor Mukhuba preached about Passover in Exodus 12:21-23. She told the online church that the Israelites were in the same place with the Egyptians, but death would not enter their houses because of the blood of the lamb on their doorposts. During that sermon, the Servant of God declared to the church that the Lord would set them apart and satisfy their needs in a Sun-scorched land following the coronavirus pandemic. Mr. Ramoshaba was further strengthened and believed that he would not lose his job.
On the 14th of June 2020, Pastor Mukhuba declared that the congregants would progress and succeed. She said it would happen during the lockdown period because of the pandemic. A time when the country is going through economic difficulties to make their testimonies outstanding. Mr. Ramoshaba also believed that he would testify about the goodness of the Lord in his life. He continued to serve with excellence in the UBN team, and the Lord God continued to bless his life. Mr. Ramoshaba did not lose his job. He started to look for a house in August 2020 and found one in December. He applied for finance at the bank, and his application was approved. His house was registered in May 2021, and he collected the keys on the 31st of May. The Lord has blessed him with a four-bedroom house worth more than R1.4 Million in one of Johannesburg’ suburbs. Mr. Ramoshaba bought this house at a discounted price of R80000. The house has three bathrooms and a garage that can fit three cars.
The Lord confirmed the words of His Servant Pastor Mukhuba. Mr. Ramoshaba received his testimony during the period of the pandemic in a sun-scorched land. Indeed, those who have left everything to follow Jesus Christ will receive hundredfold blessings while they still live on earth (Mark 10:28-30). Mr. Ramoshaba is progressing and he is grateful to God for the Continuity- Exodus in his life. Glory to Jesus!