Mrs Annah Molokwane did not have a house back home in the North West Province

Mrs Annah Molokwane did not have a house back home in the North West Province. Her husband had purchased a stand in order to build a house there and he later sold it. She asked her husband not to sell the house since they do not have a house at home but he refused.

went to Israel in preparation of the 2017 Israel tour, Mrs Annah decided to plant a seed so that she could be connected with the Israel blessings.

On the 18th of September 2016 when Pastor Mukhuba was imparting the blessing from Israel to the church, she was not at church, she was at work. However, she came during her lunch time to bring her offering. After few days, the Lord intervened in her marriage, her husband decided not to sell their house anymore, a house which is a four bedroomed house with a parking space for four cars. She is grateful to the Lord.

SECONDLY, during the 2016 Unity annual conference when Bishop Mbadi was at Unity Fellowship Church, he called for those people who wanted to bless the servant of God Pastor Mukhuba with their offerings. Mrs Annah Molokwane responded to the altar call and she decided to offer R1000.

Bishop Mbadi said a prophetic Word that “there was no way one can bless the servant of God and God does not locate them for their blessings”. After that offering her husband decided to disclose the assets he had secretly accumulated. He told her that he bought five stands in a complex and one townhouse will be theirs. The things that were hidden to her were revealed and she would like to glorify God for the grace.

THIRDLY, in December 2016 she came to church to offer her tithe before travelling to her home in North West for holidays. She left on the 28th of December and on the 30th she fell at home. Her right leg got injured and she was taken to hospital.

A Plaster of Paris (POP) was installed on the 3rd of January 2017 and after 7 days her leg was still painful, blood was not flowing because the POP was said to be too tight. She came to church on a Sunday and on Monday she went to consult her doctor. After examination, the POP was removed and she was told that the bone was healing so fast, therefore POP will not be applied again. Today her leg is completely healed and there is no sign indicating that she was injured. She was also not operated.

FOURTHLY, during the 2016 Israel tour. Mrs Annah asked to come see Pastor Mukhuba at the airport as she was leaving for the 2016 Israel tour. The Pastor agreed and she went with her family and she touched the hand of the Pastor. She felt a burning sensation in her body and she believed that she received the grace of going to Israel. However, she had no plans of going there anytime soon. Indeed by the grace she went to Israel with Pastor Mukhuba this year 2017.

LASTLY, Mrs Annah said being a worker at Unity Fellowship Church comes with benefits because of the teachings. During the discipleship class Pastor Mukhuba taught about financial management. She said, “Young people when they start working they should make sure that they do not get themselves into debts.

The only debts should be a house bond and a car instalment because those are assets. Mrs Annah received the teaching, even though she is not young anymore. She believed that she could also do it. She went to the bank and linked the bond to her account. She took her savings and settled the remaining amount. She is grateful to the Lord because the stress of paying monthly instalments is no longer there.

May the good Lord bless your finances today in the name of Jesus Christ!