Bongiwe Primrose Sibeko was born in Msinga Top at Greytown in KwaZulu Natal. She was raised by her paternal grandmother. Her father passed away when she was three years old. Her mother was never around because she worked hard in order to provide for her and her siblings. She grew up attending a cult church and her family worshiped ancestors and consulted sangomas. In both paternal and maternal family there were more than five sangomas. Rituals used to be performed frequently to appease the ancestors.

She met her now husband in 1988 and they started fornicating. In 1990, Bongiwe moved into his house in Naledi and they cohabited. In 1991, their firstborn baby boy was born. In 1992, second baby girl and the last born girl was born in 1996. They got married in 1995 in Dumbe, KwaZulu Natal.

There were so many quarrels during the wedding preparations and the husband had to buy a cow for his uncles as a fine for not doing things right. On the day of their wedding, three members of her husband’s family died in a car accident on their way to the bride's home for the wedding ceremony. Her husband and the other two members were admitted in hospital due to injuries. Bongiwe's sister went and negotiated at the hospital that he should be discharged so that the wedding can go on. However, they did not release him, so Bongiwe got married (alone) with the husband lying in hospital.

The quarrels continued and they was no peace at all. Bongiwe's husband had a taxi business which his family always believed that they were entitled to. The family kept telling them that the ancestors were not happy with their wedding and the marriage. The Husband, the children and Bongiwe would be sick whenever they visited their home town, Dumbe and they decided that they would no longer visit Kwa-Zulu Natal unless there is an event that really needed them to attend.

One night while sleeping with children, Bongiwe heard drunk people on the street screaming that a big snake was entering their yard. When she looked through the window she saw a very big snake a size of a car tyre. The snake surrounded the house and she could not see its ending. When she told her husband about the snake incident, he just ignored her. On the same week in the morning when husband went out for gym she forgot to lock the door. After few minutes two thieves came inside the house and one of them had a gun. They stole some appliances and they were never found by police.

In 2007 Bongiwe and husband planned to have a big wedding anniversary since they never had a celebration on their first planned wedding day (because three people died on that day and husband was in hospital). On the day of the anniversary, the husband’s family members who were sent to fetch Bongiwe had a tyre puncture. The two cars that they were travelling in stopped to change the tyre and a big truck came in between them. Two people died and the others were injured.

After the incident one elder of the family confessed that Bongiwe's family members were the ones who were supposed to have died together with her and her husband, instead the elder's son died on that accident. The problem they had is that they were not married and the husband was now supposed to communicate with their ancestors on their behalf and he would lead whenever there was an ancestral ritual or ceremony. The elders did not like the idea of being led by a younger person, thus the fights continued.

Bongiwe also had strange visitations of a woman wearing night dresses asking her what she wanted from her husband. She could not see the face of this woman, but the woman used to hit her and she would be left with bruises. This woman made her to leave her matrimonial house for 4 months because the jealous spiritual wife told her to leave the house or she was going to kill her son. When she returned to her house, her husband then left the house.

Bongiwe Sibeko’s life was a mess and she was praying to God asking Him to take her life. Then she came to Unity in March 2015 during the UBN Anniversary night prayer. When the servant of God Pastor Mukhuba went to Israel in June 2015, she was advised by her counsellor to take three days straight fast. She fasted and the following Sunday she fell in church and she was taken to the front during worship. She felt something coming out of her body and she received her deliverance.

Since then, she longer have the visitations from the woman who used to hit her. In 2012, thugs robbed her daughter’s bag when she was about to write her matric exams. The bag had her ID document, exam time table and other particulars. They went to the police station and wrote an affidavit and she was able to write her exams. In 2015 and 2016 her daughter was at home, she could not further her studies because Bongiwe could not afford to pay for her studies.

In 2017, Bongiwe experienced the favour of the Lord. Her husband started supporting them financially(since their separation), he even pays for her daughter’s school fees. Bongiwe’s daughter is now studying at George University. She would like give glory to God because her husband now supports her children. She also praises God for the grace upon her life and for the prayers of Pastor Mukhuba and Dr Mukhuba.

May the good Lord protect your marriage and your family in the name of Jesus Christ!