When Mrs Gladys Mataboge got married at the age of 21, she did not have a wedding ceremony.

When Mrs Gladys Mataboge got married at the age of 21, she did not have a wedding ceremony. When her husband’s younger brother got married, they had a wedding ceremony. She kept on asking her husband when they were going to have a wedding ceremony but her husband kept on telling her that they had signed at the magistrate office, what more did she wanted. When she sought comfort from her mother-in-law, she told her that the Mataboge ancestors were not welcoming her to the family.

In 2015 the Mataboge couple deposited an amount for the 2015 UBN Israel Tour with Pastor Mukhuba but unfortunately Mr Mataboge left the church. Mrs Mataboge went to Israel alone. There were couples who were renewing their wedding vows in Cana, Galilee. Pastor Mukhuba asked Mrs Mataboge if it did not bother her to see others renewing their vows. She responded by saying that she had surrendered everything to God.

In 2016 her husband repented and came back to Unity Fellowship Church. They paid a deposit for the 2017 Israel Tour. Her husband upon realising that they were going to Israel to also renew their vows, he said he was going to leave the church again and that they should remove his name from the couple’s list.

They decided to seek marriage counselling and were counselled by Dr. Mukhuba. Mrs Mataboge also engaged on fasting, praying for her husband because she could discern that what her husband was going through needed divine intervention. During one of the counselling sessions, Dr. Mukhuba read them a Scripture of 1 Corinthians 13 about love. He said that you can pray a mountain moving prayer but if you are without love, it all means nothing.

Mr Mataboge acknowledged that his wife has always been there for him and she never gave up on him. The devil tried to play games with his life but he has been defeated. He is now completely delivered from the spirit that did not want him to go to Israel. They were part of a group that went to Israel with Pastor Mukhuba in 2017.

The couple renewed their vows in Cana of Galilee, where the Lord Jesus Christ performed His first miracle. Finally, Mrs Mataboge had a wedding ceremony that she always wanted. Mr Mataboge also got baptised in the River Jordan./p>

Looking back, Mrs Mataboge realised that it was through God’s intervention that she did not have a wedding ceremony when she got married. They would have performed rituals, introducing her marriage to ancestors, not knowing that her marriage was being dedicated to evil spirits.They both would like to thank God for Pastor Mukhuba and Dr. Mukhuba for being there for them when they needed them most.