Mr Rudzani Ndou is a Lecturer by profession in one of the colleges in Limpopo Province. There was an Award ceremony at the college and he did not plan to go because he knew that he does not spend most his time at work. For the past years the awards were given to the same people, so he did not expect one. After fetching his daughter from school, he decided to go and see what was happening and he went there unprepared.

When he got there people were wearing suits and he was wearing a traditional shirt, sandals and a chino. He found a seat and after that he heard his name being called. He did not stand up because he thought that maybe they were teasing him. After one of the gentleman said he saw him coming in, it was then that he stood and received the award. He also received another award of overall achievement with high pass rate of students.

After the ceremony he enquired how the nominations were done because he did not want to receive any favours from man. He was told that they appointed a new team for nomination which used the proper system to see which lecturer performs well. He is grateful to the Lord because it is the grace of the Lord that enabled him, since he spend most of his time at the UBN outreaches with Pastor Mukhuba.