Rose Zulu graduated in 2006 and never had a permanent employment position afterwards. She completed her trade test in Auto Electrician in March 2017. Rose and other trainees were told that the company had no vacancies available at that moment and they were not going to hire them.

During one of Sunday Services, the servant of God Pastor Mukhuba while preaching said: “Your source of income will never run dry.” The Word came at the right time for Rose because she was on a verge of losing her source of income. She believed the Word of God that came through for her.
All those who were in training were called to write an assessment on a different department, something they have never learned about.

Rose was among the few people who passed the assessment and was told that they will work as Diesel Mechanics until their qualified vacancies are available. They were offered permanent contracts and it is for the first time Rose signed a permanent contract.
Rose would like to thank God and Pastor Mukhuba for making sure that her income did not run dry.

If you have been struggling with unemployment for a while, may the Lord also bless you with a permanent job in the name of Jesus Christ!