Yvonne Nyiko Makamu had been suppressing her homosexuality lifestyle since childhood until she decided to yield to the sinful lifestyle of being a lesbian whilst staying with her parents in Johannesburg in 2010.

In 2013, she expressed to her mother that she did not want to live a homosexual lifestyle anymore but these evil spirits were overpowering her. Her mother said God is going to help her if she really did not want to live that life anymore. Nyiko’s brother got married and his wife was a member of Unity Fellowship Church. Her sister-in-law invited Nyiko to church. Nyiko kept on promising that she would visit but never visited. Her sister-in-law kept on nagging her to visit until she finally agreed to visit Unity.

During one of the Sundays Nyiko decided to honour the invite and told herself that it would be just a once off thing, so that her sister-in-law could stop bothering her. After the service, she felt different; something shifted spiritually. Nyiko decided to attend the Youth Service on the 16th of June 2014. She prayed to God and said, “God, Pastor Mukhuba is your servant; please speak to me today through her.” Pastor Mukhuba immediately started talking about homosexuality, mentioning that it was a sin before the Lord. Nyiko stopped practising homosexuality for a while but the temptation became too hard for her to resist, so she backslided in November 2014.

She also had long dreadlocks. She continued coming to church and her counsellor at Unity advised her to cut the dreadlocks because they are associated with rastafarism, which is a leading cult in Satanism. Nyiko initially refused to cut her long dreadlocks but resorted into hiding the dreadlocks with a head wrap whenever she came to church. That however was affecting her concentration because while praying she would look around to see if her counsellor was noticing her.

One day she decided to cut the dreadlocks and afterwards she felt like something was missing in her life. The following day she went and reinstalled them. After a while she felt a push to cut them and went to her counsellor who assisted her with removing them. She prayed a separation prayer and afterwards felt a sense of peace and relieve.

Nyiko got baptised in October 2015 and she is now completely delivered from the spirit of homosexuality. She now testifies to people about her deliverance and tell them that Pastor Mukhuba is one of the truthful people who do not compromise the Word of God. Through the truth that she received from Pastor Mukhuba’s teachings she is now free in the name of Jesus Christ. She would like to thank God for His saving grace. As you read this testimony, may the good Lord also deliver and separate you from anything that connects you to the kingdom of darkness in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen.