Ms. Ndinae Manala is a child of Unity Fellowship Church and a teacher of Unity Sunday School. She completed her Matric in 2014 and enrolled for a Diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics Management at University in 2015. She completed her first year without failing her modules, but she failed a major module in her second year. The following year, the University did not allow her to continue studying because she had failed a major module. She had to appeal to continue studying, and she did, but her appeal was rejected. Ms. Manala explained her situation to the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba. The Servant of God advised her to enrol at a College and not wait to apply at a University the following year.
Ms. Manala took the advice, and she enrolled for a three-year degree in Supply Chain and Logistics Management at a College in 2017. Everything went well in her first year, but she began to fail in her second and third year. That caused her to feel disheartened. Ms. Manala began to battle with her emotions as she did not understand why she was failing. She was studying hard and doing her best. She felt like completing her studies was going to be impossible and wanted to give up.
She sent her results to Pastor Mukhuba after failing in her third year. She also told the Servant of God that she felt like giving up as it seemed impossible for her to get through her studies. Pastor Mukhuba's response was,”We are not of those who give up". Ms. Manala was encouraged by those words and persevered. She also attended counselling at Unity. Her UBN Counsellor encouraged her to persevere and endure because she would rejoice at the end. Ms. Manala took the advice of the Servant of God and that of her counsellor.
She rewrote all the modules she had failed in 2019 and 2020. She eventually passed and completed her studies in 2020. She graduated on the 12th of May 2021 with three distinctions. Ms. Manala is overwhelmed with praises and celebrations, for the Lord has granted her victory. She is grateful to Him for enabling her to endure and persevere throughout. Ms. Manala is also thankful to Pastor Mukhuba for the words of encouragement. She also expressed her gratitude to her Unity Sunday School Principal for supporting her every step of the way. Glory to Jesus!