On 13 April 2017, Grace Mthombeni started experiencing pains on the left side of her body. Her husband used to consult at a certain false church in Pretoria, even though he was not fellowshipping there. The following day was a Good Friday and Grace’s husband called the elders of the church to pray for his wife. After praying for her, they said her situation was worse than they thought. She was told that she had an ancestral calling and the ancestors wanted to attack them.

She called her brother who had a car, who later came to take her to the field where the church was conducted. They burned an iron rod and poked her feet with it. She started reacting and when she came to her senses; she was told that she was chanting like a sangoma. They told her that she needed to buy black and white cloths, and some snuff. They prayed for these items and she was instructed to sleep with the cloths under her pillows.

In the morning before she got out of the house she had to sprinkle some of this the snuff on the ground whilst communicating with these ancestors about her daily plans. The same thing at night before she went to sleep, she had to sprinkle snuff on the ground and give details about her day to the ancestors. Each time she prayed, she was told that she needed to give thanks to the ancestors and thereafter give thanks to God.

Even though she obeyed these instructions that were given by the false prophets from that particular church, her condition never improved, instead, the suffering just continued. She started to question herself why did she need to thank the ancestors because she was still sick and not getting better. Grace was saved and she was familiar with the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ. She knew what she was doing was wrong but she was desperate to get healed and she just succumbed to performing those rituals.

She was told that the ancestral spirits which had possessed her were very powerful and she was going to be a great sangoma with lots of customers. They said she was lucky because ancestors manifested through her before she could be initiated, many people had to be initiated before they could get to the stage where she was.

Grace started coming to Unity Fellowship Church on the 5th of May 2017, during the Breakthrough Night Prayer Service. The Holy Spirit located her and she received her deliverance. When she got back home she called her aunt telling her that she received her deliverance and wanted to throw away the ancestral cloths and snuff. Her aunt told her to keep them and not get rid of them.

Grace started attending counseling at church and she opened up about still having the ancestral cloths and the snuff at home. She was advised to get them destroyed because when they are still at home, she evil spirits will connect to her through those items. She had now brought them to be destroyed. She would like to thank God because she is now healed and separated from the ancestral spirits.

My brethren, do not be deceived by the devil and his false churches. Be careful not to surrender yourself or your family to such kind of idol or ancestral worship. Many people get entangled in the camp of the enemy by deception hidden in the name of culture or tradition. Be careful of such deceptions.

May the Holy Spirit locate you wherever you are, to search and burn any items that you might have collected from the kingdom of darkness in the name of Jesus Christ!
May He separate you from anything that connects you to the devil and his demons. May the Holy Spirit open your spiritual eyes to enable you to discern any right from the wrong in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen.