Vutomi Rikhotso consulted a false prophet in 2010 because her daughter had colic. The false prophet told her that she would have breast cancer in her right breast after giving birth to her second child. She came to know of Unity Fellowship Church in 2011 and she attended one service and never came back. In 2012 she decided to come back.

She became consistent and became a full-time member of the church. In 2012 she noticed that she had developed a lump on her right breast that would come and go. She instantly thought of the 2010 prophecy, but she was not even pregnant with a second child at that time.

She found it odd that the lump would be painful each time she was at home but not painful whenever she was at church. At church, she would forget about it but the thought of the lump would come back immediately she got home. In 2015 the pain on the lump became worse and it troubled her. She decided to go to the hospital to be examined. A mammogram was done. The doctor told her that she did have a lump but the cells had no cancer, but still, the lump did not go away.

On the second anointing service on 19 February 2017 Pastor Mukhuba instructed the congregants to say “fire, fire everywhere”. Vutomi also said those words. A week later she noticed that she did not have the lump anymore. She waited for her period to come in March and April thinking that the lump would come back but it did not. We thank God for her deliverance.