Mr. Thomas Baloyi is a member of Unity Fellowship Church. He had a desire to obtain his driver’s licence in 2013, so that he can buy a car. He started with his lessons however he failed his driver's licence test. Mr. Baloyi felt discouraged and he decided to put his desire for purchasing a car on hold. In 2015, he did his second learners because the first one had expired. He kept postponing bookings for the driver's licence test for no reason. Mr. Baloyi and his family had been using public transport. He was content with it, therefore, he did not see a need to buy a car. The country was on lockdown and in July 2020, the lockdown level was eased to level 3. The churches were opened to only 50 people in a venue. Pastor Mukhuba opened for a Drive-Thru service to allow the children of God to attend the church services in their cars.

Mr. Baloyi reconsidered getting a driver’s licence so that he could purchase a car to attend the church services. When he attended services at Unity, he would offer the Isaac Sacrificial Offering and changing lives offering. On the Offering envelope he would write his prayer request and asked God to enable him to pass his driver’s learner’s licence. Mr. Baloyi got his driver's learners licence in August 2020 and after that he applied for a car which was approved. However, he could not continue with the purchase because he did not have driver’s license. Mr. Baloyi had an agreement with the car dealership that he would first get a licence and come back for a car. He then started doing driving refreshing lessons and, on the 5th of August 2021, he tested for a driver’s licence and he passed. By the grace of God, the following day on the 6th of August 2021, the car dealership sales representative called him to follow up on whether he was still interested in buying a car. Mr. Baloyi told the sales representative that he was interested, and he had also received his driver's licence. He submitted his application again on the same day and he was approved for a brand new 2021 Renault Triber. Mr. Baloyi is grateful to God for the enablement through the power of offering. He is also grateful to Pastor Mukhuba for her teachings and for opening the Drive- Thru Church. Glory to God!

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