Mr. and Mrs. Mashau have been using a very old car which gave them mechanical problems. It would sometimes get stuck without any warnings. They have been trying to apply for car finance without success and were declined three times by different car dealerships.

In December 2016, Pastor Mukhuba said 2017 was going to be a year of rest, in reference to the Scripture of John 6:1-14. She said 2017 was going to be a year of miraculous multiplication and people must just trust upon the Lord. Mrs. Mashau said to herself how could she relax when she and her husband were using an old problematic car, but nonetheless, she took the Word of God seriously.

During 2017 one service, Pastor Mukhuba under the anointing prophesied upon the congregation and said, “You will no longer drive old cars, call out the car that you desire by its name.” Mrs. Mashau did not even know what kind of a car to call out. She just screamed and said “Big car.”

On 27 June 2017, Mr. Mashau went to one of the car dealerships to apply for a car and the application was approved. They collected the car two days later, on the 29th of June. God finally intervened and blessed them with a brand new SUV 2017 Honda BR-V.

Mr. and Mrs. Mashau would like to thank God for His divine intervention because it was not because they had money that they were finally able to qualify for a car but by His grace. They would also like to give thanks to Pastor Mukhuba and Dr Mukhuba for all the support they received whenever they needed spiritual guidance.

Indeed the Word of God does not come to us and go back to Him void. Mr. and Mrs. Mashau can confirm that when you follow the teachings of the servant of God, blessings shall overflow upon your life.