Lenah Motlatla first came to Unity Fellowship Church in May 2016. She was suffering from a very rare condition wherein her tummy started growing abnormally since 2012. She went around consulting different Inyangas, doctors and hospitals for help without success. One day the servant of God spoke to her regarding her condition and made a suggestion that she goes to hospital to have her condition checked.

Lenah was put off by that suggestion as she came with expectation to be prayed for healing. She was annoyed by such suggestion as she had already gone everywhere for help. However, she found herself going to the hospital without questioning. Unbelievably, for the first time in years, the doctors could finally give her a diagnosis. They could finally see the growth inside her tummy and immediately scheduled her for an operation. She got surgical operation and now she enjoys the pleasure of not carrying a heavy load in her tummy. The God of Pastor Mukhuba had revealed that which was hidden by the devil in her life.

Secondly, as she was going up and down trying to find a solution for her problem, she had to endure the pain of rejection by her family members. They did not support her or care about her condition. She was always on her own. Her children quarrelled all the time and evil spirits were having a party in her house; the evil spirits made noise on top of the roof.

She was always subjected to lack of peace around her. She wants to give glory to God, for the intervention He has made in her life by putting a stop to the party of the devil. Her children now live in harmony and the evil spirits are no longer running around her house and making noise on her roof. She has reconciled with one of her siblings and she visits her regularly.

May the peace of God invade you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ!