On the 18th of June 2017, Pastor Mukhuba prayed for people’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) and company documents. Thivho Dzivhani also came with her CV and Pastor Mukhuba prayed for it. While the pastor was praying, she cried to God to intervene in her case because getting a promotion seemed impossible for her in the company that she works for. As a Senior Business Analyst, she had already reached the highest level of her career.

On the 28th of June, on her way to the Wednesday service, Thivho received a call from her boss. He offered her a promotion as a Stream Lead Quality and Efficiency Manager. She was shocked because she neither applied nor qualified for this position. While still on the phone, her boss invited her for a meeting that was to take place on the 6th of July 2017.

When she got to the meeting, she was informed that the company would give her thorough job related training to prepare her for the new role since she is not experienced. She will also be required to embark on a few courses that her company will pay for. She works for an CIT (Cash In Transit) company with 23 cash centres around South Africa. As a Stream Lead Quality and Efficiency Manager, her new role entails overseeing all the 23 cash centres of her company.

These cash centres are divided into 5 regions, with each region having its own Quality and Efficiency Manager. These 5 regional managers have many years’ experience in the company, but they will be reporting to her in spite of the fact that she only started working for this company in October 2014. The job requires her to fly weekly countrywide.

After briefing her about her new role, management issued her a letter of a salary increase. This came as a surprise to her because they were previously informed by management that their department had underperformed, thereby disqualifying them for increases.
The God of Unity qualified her for a very big position and a salary increase when she did not qualify. Just when she thought she had reached the peak of her career, Jesus created a new position especially for her.

May the Lord also give you a miraculous push in your career as you share this testimony!