Mr Jacky Ngobeni had been unemployed and looking for a job since March 2017. He attended interviews but he did not receive positive responses from the companies that he went to. On Monday 29 of May 2017, while he was praying in the morning, he covered his cell phone with his prayer shawl. A few minutes after the prayer, he received a call inviting him for an interview.

He went to the interview on Thursday 01 June 2017, and it was a tough interview that took an hour. On 06 June 2017, Jacky came to the Tuesday Healing and Deliverance service. He switched on his cell phone after the service and he realised that he had 28 missed calls and four emails from the company that he had been to for an interview.

They called him again the following day to inform him that he had passed the interview. They emailed him the remuneration package to sign and it was a great offer. He signed his permanent contract on Monday 12 June 2017 and he started working as a Work In Progress and Raw Material Coordinator. His package is 80 per cent higher than that of his previous employment. He was not expecting this offer.

He would like to thank God for His provision. He would also like to appreciate the servant of God Pastor Mukhuba for her teachings. He does not know what would have become of him had the God of Unity not intervened in his life.

When we look at Jacky’s life, we clearly see the power of God at work in his life. He used to be a well-known dangerous criminal who was feared by most people. He is now washed by the blood of Jesus and he is enjoying the benefit of the cross. The Lord changed his life; He took him out of the streets and made him an usher at church. The devil is a looser! Glory to God the Most High!