Mrs. Rudzani Masingi attended the 2021 Anointing Sunday Service at Unity Fellowship Church on the 21st of February 2021. A disciple of Pastor Mukhuba placed her hand on Mrs. Masingi’s forehead as she was anointing her with the UBN Holy Anointing oil. The anointing oil was dripping on her right eye as she was driving back home. Little did she know that the Lord was preparing her for the attack the enemy had aimed at her. The following day Mrs. Masingi went to the hair salon to do her hair. While preparing to do her hair, her hairdresser poked her with a needle in her right eye. The needle could have injured her, however, it just bumped on the iris and it did not cause her any harm. Her eye was just swollen and sore for two days, and after that it went back to normal. She is completely healed. Glory to Jesus!
Secondly, Mrs. Masingi works as a Strategic Information Officer in the health department of a tertiary institution. For 10 years she has been teaching junior employees about health systems at her workplace. She decided to advance her skills in teaching and she applied for a teaching post graduate certificate in January 2020. She was accepted and she registered for the 2020 academic year. In August 2021, While she was busy with her online exams. Mrs. Masingi started presenting with Covid-19 symptoms. She had chest pains, shortness of breath, memory loss and she felt like she was hallucinating. On the 2nd of September 2020, she tested for COVID-19 and received her results the following day and she had tested positive. While Mrs. Masingi was in quarantine, she could not focus on her studies because of the pains and fear. When she had to write an exam online, she would suffer memory loss and the exam would be rescheduled.
Mrs. Masingi called the UBN Prayer Line and asked for prayers. The UBN Prayer Line Assistant told her that they would forward her prayer request to Pastor Mukhuba. She started realising that she no longer had chest pains, shortness of breath, hallucinations or memory loss. After the quarantine period, she was well and she was able to focus on her studies and complete her online exams successfully. She graduated on the 30th of June 2021, with 10 distinctions.
Mrs. Masingi would like to thank God for her healing and she would also like to thank Pastor Mukhuba for her prayers and teachings. Child of God, if you need to speak to a UBN Counsellor, we are here for you and available 24 hours. You can contact the UBN Call Centre on +2776 990 0391 / +27765525312 for prayers and counselling.