Mr Victor Matshebele grew up attending a certain church, and was also initiated as a false prophet of this that church. While practising as a false prophet, he would constantly dream of bad events especially the ones concerning death, and those deaths would always come to pass exactly as he dreamt. He would also dream of snakes presenting ancestral bones to him, and would also see a lot of live snakes wherever he went. He was told at that church that he was supposed to be initiated as a witchdoctor when he inquired about the dreams, but he brushed off the idea.

In 2014, an order came to him through false prophets at that church to buy a certain stick after his uncle fell ill. The problem was that he would feel weak and dizzy each time he came in contact with that stick. The stick was for protection especially from death since most of his maternal family members died mysteriously. His uncle passed on regardless of the presence of the stick in his house. He ended up leaving that church out of anger, and he even put the stick away from him, and stayed completely away from any church since 2014.

In December 2015, he came to Unity Fellowship Church during Ebenezer Night Prayer. After hearing messages preached by the anointed servant of God, Pastor Mukhuba, he decided to burn the uniform from his previous church so he could be separated completely from it. He searched for the stick in order to destroy it as well, but it was nowhere to be found. The stick was found after he attended the Captives Shall Be Set Free Night Prayer that was held on 07 July 2017, but something would always hold him back from bringing it to Unity to be destroyed.

During the Healing and Deliverance service on Tuesday, 18 July 2017, Pastor Mukhuba made an altar call of those who still had the tools they received after consulting false prophets and witchdoctors. Victor found courage after that service to bring the stick to Unity to be destroyed with fire so he could be completely separated from the devil and his agents. He would like to thank the Lord for showing him the way and being the light in his life. He is no longer tormented by snakes and the death in his family has stopped.

Beloved, Jesus Christ is the only source of protection. May the Spirit of God give you counsel and open your eyes so you can triumph over the deceptions of the devil in Jesus name!