In one of the Discipleship services in January 2017, the servant of God Pastor Mukhuba taught the workers of the church to avoid debts and save up money to buy things cash. Edwin Mothlaloga had a desire to buy another car so he considered the pastors teachings and he started saving money.

In one of the Sunday services in July 2017, Pastor Mukhuba taught the congregants about offering based on the scripture in Luke 6:38. She taught us that the Lord multiplies whatever we offer in His house. Mr Mothlaloga was touched by this teaching and he gave his Overflow offering on that day. This teaching stayed in his heart that he continued giving his Overflow offering a few more weeks after. After partaking in this grace of offering, the Lord enabled him to buy his V6 engine Mercedes Benz C300 cash.

Mr Mothlaloga’s obedience to the Word from the pulpit paved a way for his blessings. Your obedience is connected to your blessings. May the Lord bless you as you continue to obey His Word in the name of Jesus!