Mr and Mrs Letsapo struggled to buy a house for almost 4 years. They tried to buy a house in 2012 and the bank approved their application. When they were about to sign over the house into their names, the owner disappeared and the deal fell through. They tried again and the bank approved their second application but they could not afford the deposit.

They started coming to Unity Fellowship Church in 2015 and they saw the Lord making possible what had been impossible for them for a long time. In October of 2016 they applied for a house for a third time. The bank approved their application and they received a 100% bond after they attended the Changing Lives Night Prayer on the 4th of November 2016. They are grateful to the Lord because they now have the keys to their newly built house.

My brethren, be assured today that the purposes of God for your life shall happen regardless of the plans of the enemy. Do not give up, continue to seek the face of the Lord and all other things shall be added. May you be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ!