Ms Maropeng Ralefatane’s problem started when her father consulted a witchdoctor due to his illness. The witchdoctor told him that there was someone who was pregnant in his family, and that person would have a miscarriage. At that time Ms Maropeng was pregnant. The witchdoctor gave Ms Maropeng’s father muthi to give to her. The muthi was mixed with cow dung, and she was supposed to bath with it every evening.

After giving birth to her baby, her menstrual blood started having clots and it was like of a person who had a miscarriage. It was so bad that it had an unpleasant odour whereby no one could enter the room when she was bathing. She attended the 2017 Anointing service on the 12th of February 2017, and the Lord delivered her. Since then, she never had any problem with her menstrual periods.

My brethren, whatever that the enemy has done in your life, let it be destroyed in Jesus’ name!