Cynthia Maluleke started coming to Unity Fellowship Church in 2012, but she backslid and left the church in 2015. While in the world, she started eating in her sleep, and she was also tormented by a spiritual husband. She also started experiencing financial problems and she borrowed money from loan sharks just to survive throughout the month.

She came back to church in January 2017, and started tithing faithfully. She has been enjoying financial freedom since she came back to church. Since then, she never ran out of money, even after paying her tithe. The Lord has delivered her. She is no longer tormented by a spiritual husband, and she no longer eats in her dreams anymore.

Secondly, Cynthia is an Assistant Manager and she was asked to act as a Unit Manager from December 2016 to February 2017. During that time, she hired three people to work in her department. The staff members who have been working there for a longer time started fabricating wrong stories about her after employing new people. They falsely accused her and said she took a bribe from those new people who she employed, and in exchange, she offered them higher salaries than theirs.

They reported those claims to the company's management. The management conducted a thorough investigation which included interviewing other employees in her department. The investigation lasted three days, but they could not find anything they could use against her. She would like to thank the God of Pastor Mukhuba for fighting all her battles.

Child of God, be faithful in your tithe and offerings and the Lord will conquer for you!