Dolly Mathebula used to go to a certain church. She fell ill after speaking to a friend who was fellowshipping at the same church. Her friend told her that she had a pain that started from her left leg and it affected the entire left side of her body. She advised her friend to pray about it. Her friend then asked her if she would pray if she had the exact pain. Dolly answered that she would pray. Later that day, she started feeling a sharp pain at the exact side as her friend.

Dolly felt the pain moving around her body as though it was tearing her internal organs. She then went to her church for help, and the leader at that church prophesied upon her, and said she would die on the 16th of December 2016. She decided to leave the church after hearing the prophecy which was too scary for her. She went to another false prophet who also told her the same warning about her life. The prophet further said her body would be used for witchcraft. By the grace of God, her firstborn daughter got her a DVD of Unity's last Tuesday Healing and Deliverance service of 09 December 2014 to watch.

She started coming to Unity in November 2016. She got herself several of the UBN Fire products, including the UBN stickers, prayer shawl and UBN Holy Anointing Oil. She then started using the fire filled products, and with time, the pain started disappearing. On the 16th of December 2016, the pain became severe, and due to such a pain, she then remembered that she was supposed to die. The grace of God enabled her to live through that day. She is healed and she is still alive to glorify the Lord.

Unknowing to her, another testimony awaited her after she glorified the Lord with her healing. When Dolly was a teenager, she dated a certain man who made her pregnant, and left her before their daughter was born. She raised her daughter with a different man, but they were cohabiting. She received counselling after coming to Unity and left the man she was living with because they were not married.

She testified during the Night of Breakthrough on the 5th of May 2017 and people recognised her when they saw her on UBN channel. News of her testimony reached the father of her daughter and he started looking for her. He found her and reconciled with his daughter. He paid for her tertiary tuition fees and he is now a part of her life. The Lord has reconciled them.

Your testimony is like a tap that opens a dam of blessings. Testimonies give glory to God and they show Him that you are grateful. When God the Father sees that the child is grateful, He will continue to bless him. My brethren, you will live a life of blessings when you give your testimony and glorify the Lord. I encourage you today; testify about the works of the Lord!