The church held its first service in a classroom at Tiakeni Primary School in Soweto, Johannesburg in 2004. Within a few months the church was full and the classroom could not accommodate the people God was sending to the church. We then moved to rent an unused supermarket in March 2005. At the supermarket, the church grew and we numbered around 500 members. The Lord continued to add to our numbers those getting saved. Eventually, in October 2009, we moved, through the grace of God, to our own premises in Midway, Soweto, Johannesburg. We currently fellowship in a church that accommodates more than a thousand people and with three overflow areas that also accommodate more than 4500 people. Our special services, like night prayers at our church are attended by thousands of people from different countries.

In 2015, a branch of Unity Fellowship Church was opened in Cape Town. The services were conducted in a rented warehouse until November 2016 when the church relocated to its own premises in Philippi, Cape Town. Unity has branches also in Venda (Tshisaulu), Mokopane, Brits, Eersterus and Emhlasini in KZN.  

The Lord is still sending people to His Church and we are planning to build The Village of the Lord in Eikenhof, Johannesburg, which shall accommodate thousands of people. We have acquired a very big land which is more than 100 hectares. We thank God for the grace.

The Lord, our God is good! He is indeed the Provider. We see His works all the time in His church, Unity Fellowship Church. People throughout South Africa and beyond our borders always visit the church on Sundays and all-night prayers to experience and witness the power of God at work.

Our Pastor

Pastor Mukhuba was ordained in 2003. The Lord Jesus Christ continues to empower His Servant Pastor Mukhuba with His Holy Spirit. During her services, we see those afflicted with sicknesses being healed by the power of God that is always at work. Those tormented by evil spirits are set free from the yokes and the bondages of the devil during the deliverance services. Her preachings and teachings are leading many to Jesus Christ. Many souls are being won daily into the Kingdom of God.

The Anointed Servant of God, Pastor Mukhuba, is an overseer appointed by God to shepherd His flock and disciple them into the ways of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.