Unity Fellowship Church

They called me “BLACK LABEL LADY”

My name is Nomvuyo Nondela. I was born in Hershel in the Eastern Cape. I am the first born of three children raised by both parents..

My father's side of the family had a family member known to be a witch doctor. for this reason, we were easily lured into the dark side where we consulted witch doctors, slaughter animals as sacrifice to appease the ancestors to bring us success. Things were not going as we had planned for them.

This practice of sacrificing brought more bad luck than good. Things were so bad; my family was plagued with death! I ended up dropping out of school at standard 6, where I attended at Hlomedlini Primary. I left home and moved to Cape Town thereafter.

My father’s mysterious disappearance

My father worked in Johannesburg in one of the mines in Germiston. He then got injured at work and came back home to inform us that the company that he was working for is giving him money for compensation as he was injured at work and for his retirement. He came back to Johannesburg and got lost, he never returned home; even today we don’t know where he is. My mother then came to Johannesburg looking for him and she left me with my two younger siblings. Since I was the older sister I had to take care of my siblings. She did not come back so I left school and went to Cape Town to stay with my friends.

When I got to Cape Town, I got a job to care after a lady who was suffering from stroke. When I was 17 years old I got involved in a train accident, after boarding the train whilst drunk. This was after my friends and I got very drunk and we boarded a train back to where we stayed. I then got out of the train while it was still moving. I was so badly injured that I ended up in hospital. After being discharged from hospital, I left Cape Town to join my mother in Johannesburg. I then got a job in Eldorado Park as a nanny.

My witchdoctor died

While I was working in Eldorado Park, I got a boyfriend with whom I started committing the sin of premarital sex and living in cohabitation. I fell pregnant at the age of 18 with my firstborn son. After that we began to fight a lot with my boyfriend, especially when we were drunk because both of us would drink a lot. Every weekend it was a fight and it would even get physical to an extent that we would hurt each other. After I gave birth to my second child, I would leave the house on weekends to visit my cousin in Sebokeng because we would fight a lot during weekends and it was not good for the children. Because of these continuous fights, I decided to consult a witchdoctor who gave me charms to use on my boyfriend, but it still did not work out. After six months that witchdoctor died and I did not know what to do.

How I visited Unity Fellowship Church

A friend of mine invited me to Unity Fellowship Church, but I refused. I had never been to church since childhood. This invitation to church made me uneasy. I lived a life of consulting the agents of the devil. One weekend my boyfriend and I fought to an extent where I wanted to kill him. The following Sunday, my friend brought me the Holy anointing oil from Unity Fellowship Church, to use in the house. After I ministered the Holy anointing oil on myself, my shop and the house, things started to change. People started to flock into my shop. I got so busy with sales, that I even forgot that I was planning to kill my husband during the upcoming weekend. Because the previous weekend, I got so fed up with all the fighting and I was planning to kill him the following weekend. To my surprise he also came back home very happy that day, this was something that I had never seen in a very long time.

After attending a counselling sessions at church, my boyfriend and I stopped fornicating and we went to Home Affairs to legalise our marriage. We are now legally married. The witchdoctor from my father’s family died in June 2014. My family is now safe and people are no longer dying like before. I am also free from suffering, I have money to buy the things that I need and there is peace in my house, the fights have ended. All my siblings are now working. The Lord also healed me from Hypertension after I administered the Holy anointing oil.

Last Words

People should stop consulting witchdoctors and performing rituals for the dead. They should seek God whenever they need help. The witchdoctors cannot help anyone; I know this because I am coming from there. Ever since I stopped consulting the witchdoctors, God has been providing for me. I no longer live in suffering, because when I was still in the world, I would spend a lot of money consulting agents of the devil and this affected my family in a bad way. But now I have found freedom in Christ Jesus. I am truly grateful to Pastor Mukhuba and the work God is using her to do in our lives.