Nelly used to live a life of fornication, and she also used to be tormented by a spiritual husband. She started coming to Unity Fellowship Church in 2013. One day she came to church, and the servant of God, Pastor Mukhuba taught the congregants about fornication and said it is a sin before God.

Nelly took the preaching seriously, and obeyed the Word of God, and she then stopped fornicating. She repented, and she is now living a holy life, and the spiritual husband is gone. She would like to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for delivering her from a life of fornication, and also for delivering her from the torment of the spiritual husband.

Secondly, her son was born with a red mark at the nape of his neck called “rigoni” in Tsonga language. She was advised to consult a witchdoctor for the child to be treated or else he would die within four weeks. She then refused because she is a born again Christian, and she did not want to lose her salvation. When she came to church, she spoke to one of the ushers about her situation.

The usher advised her to take her son to Pastor Mukhuba to be prayed for, and at that time her son was just two weeks old. Indeed, Pastor Mukhuba prayed for the child, and the pastor also anointed him with the UBN Holy Anointing Oil. After few weeks, the child got healed, and the mark disappeared completely. Since then, the child never suffered again from “rigone”, and he is now four years old. The child is completely delivered.

Thirdly, on Sunday 05 May 2017, Pastor Mukhuba made an altar call for people who were available to assist with distribution of pamphlets in Pretoria on 08 May 2017 for the Mamelodi miracle services which were still going to be held the following few days. Nelly Malema was among those people. Pastor Mukhuba prayed for them to receive employment.

Four weeks later, Nelly received a call inviting her for a job interview. On the day of the interview, instead of her being interviewed, she was given a date in which she would start working. She started on her new job in June 2017. She gives praises to the Lord for delivering her, and she also wants to thank the servant of God, Pastor Mukhuba for her prayers and teachings.