Mantwa Mkhentane is from Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. She started developing an interest in visiting Unity Fellowship Church after her neighbour gave her the UBN newsletter to read. She was amazed by the teaching on the counselling section, and as a result, she had a desire to visit Unity.
On the 1st of September 2017, during the Night of Giving Birth Night Prayer, she came to Unity for the first time. That day, she got herself the UBN Holy Anointing Oil, and other Fire Filled products. Before she came to Unity, her business and other areas of her life were stuck. Since 2016, she had been building a house, but she could not finish. She would release money for building material and labour, but they could not finish. After coming to Unity, she started using the anointing oil, and as a result of that, her business started prospering and she is now making progress with her building.
Secondly, she also used to have a piercing pain around her waist that started around 2009. She struggled to sit down, and she also struggled to do other physical activities. She started using the anointing oil on a regular basis and now her waist is healed.
She came back to Unity to praise the God of Pastor Mukhuba, who located her through the UBN newsletter.
Brethren, may God also locate you, and may He also address all your needs where ever you are in the name of Jesus!