Nyakalo Sebokoane matriculated in 2010 but her life became stagnant after that. In fact, nothing in her life went well. She tried to enrol for further studies at various tertiary institutions but none of them accepted her. She was also involved in car accidents more than one time during this time. She hated what was going on in her life so she started consulting sangomas for a solution. The sangomas told her that she needed to initiate as a sangoma for all her problems to go away. In preparation for her initiation, they gave her ancestral beads to put on her neck and wrists.

When she was about to initiate, she met a certain lady who is a member of Unity Fellowship Church. Upon seeing the ancestral beads worn by Nyakalo, the lady taught her about Jesus Christ and warned her against the beads and initiating as a sangoma. Nyakalo received the gospel, removed the beads and started attending services at Unity Fellowship Church. In August 2012, not long after she started attending services, she was offered a scholarship in Mechanical Engineering in Dubai. She stayed in Dubai as a student for two years and she came back in 2015.
Upon her return, she got an opportunity to serve God as a UBN call centre agent. She applied for another job sometime during October 2017 and she was called for an interview at the beginning of November 2017. She did not have confidence that she would pass but she went nonetheless. By the grace of God, she passed and she started on her new job in mid-November 2017. She praises God for transforming her life in this manner and she also encourages the congregants to serve God faithfully because the Lord rewards those who give their hearts to Him.

Child of God, the Lord is able to transform your life like He did for Nyakalo. Nyakalo was obedient when she was called from the kingdom of darkness to serve Christ. Her life changed for the better and she saw herself prosper in her studies and career. If you have not received Christ as your Lord, receive Him today and also receive life in abundance. Be obedient to His Word and agree to His will for your life and He shall accelerate every area of your life.