God removed the shame of being barren in my life - Mpho Jacobeth Mnguni has been married since 2003 and she was unable to fall pregnant. The situation brought a lot of shame and pain in her life. She came to Unity Fellowship Church and God changed her life miraculously. When she discovered that she was pregnant she could not believe it, she ended up taking a lot of pregnancy tests to be sure. Luke 1: 37 say “For nothing it is impossible with God”; this word came to pass in Mpho’s life.



I grew up in Protea North, Soweto. I am the first born child of Solomon and Dorothy Monedi.  At home there are only three children, two girls and one boy. I completed grade 12 (matric) at Mapetlatswana high school in 2000. In 2007 I enrolled for short courses in tailoring and computer skills. I did not complete the tailoring course because I did not have money to pay for my tuition fees, but I managed to complete the computer skills and obtained a certificate. I got a job as a cashier at one of the retail shops and I worked there for 2 years and I later, I resigned because the income was not enough for me.

I am from a family which did not practice ancestral worship. At home there would be something making noise on the roof and there was no peace because of that thing. We decided to go to a false church, hoping things will be better but it was getting worse. Our bodies were cut by razors; they said that they were removing evil spirits. Later we decided to leave the false church because there was no change. We started attending a true Christian church that was located in Tshiawelo and before the year 2003 we left the church and went to another Christian church in Diepkloof. We were desperate for the divine intervention of the Lord in our lives. The thing that was making noise at home stopped the moment we started attending true Christian churches but I cannot recall exactly when.

My marital life

I met my husband in April 2003 when I was still in grade 12. He did not want us to just date; he was someone who was serious and ready to commit. In June 2003, he proposed marriage to me and after three to four months he sent his family to my home for the bride price (lobola) negotiations. He even paid lobola the same year and we began with the preparations for the wedding celebration. The wedding ceremony was on the 23rd of December 2003 and fortunately no rituals or ancestral ceremony were performed. Our marriage was blessed by a servant of God. It was a beautiful day and people were surprised that a shy lady like me who was always indoors was getting married. My husband is a man full of love and that makes our marriage to be beautiful.

During the year 2005 my mother noticed that I was not falling pregnant and she advised us to consult medical doctors to know what was happening. I was not using any birth control methods which we could say; maybe were the reason that I was delaying to fall pregnant. I had irregular menstrual periods in such a way that they will come this month and the following month there was nothing. I would go to the clinic for a pregnancy test and the results would be negative. It was a routine that whenever I missed my menstrual periods I would do a pregnancy test. I would be so disappointed and hurt because the results were always negative.

I decided to consult a gynaecologist at Lister Building, in Johannesburg, so that I could get to know why I was not falling pregnant. The doctor checked and everything was discovered to be in order. The results brought a relief in me that there was nothing wrong with me. I gave my husband the results and I asked him to show his family, so that they would not think it was my fault that we did not have children. My husband and I decided that he should also get checked. We went to a doctor together and explained our situation. The doctor referred us to Lancet Laboratory for my husband to be tested. The results came back and they were given to our doctor. The doctor said that the results indicate that there was no way I could conceive because my husband’s sperm count was extremely low. The doctor advised us to live a healthy lifestyle such as eating vegetables and exercising, hoping it would boost the sperm count. We did what the doctor advised but nothing changed.

The situation was so tough and it affected me. I went to many churches seeking help and praying to God that He bless me with a baby. Most pastors laid hands on me and prayed for me. I was so desperate for a miracle. I went to church at Diepkloof and it was prophesied that I would have a baby, and I should be patient. I was told to buy nappies for the baby and in that way I was exercising my faith that I would have a baby. I bought the nappies and nothing happened. I would be full of faith but sometimes I would have doubts if I would ever be a mother.

Covered with shame

I used to lie to my colleagues and former classmates that I had a child. My younger sister had children before me and it was painful for me. I used to lie about one of her children that he was my son and I would put pictures of him even on social networks. I was so ashamed to disclose that I do not have children considering my age, so I preferred to avoid being asked questions by people. I was not even comfortable when we were with our family members because of what was happening.

How I met Pastor Mukhuba

In 2013 I heard about Pastor Mukhuba from people, since I reside around Soweto. One day my mother and I decided to visit Unity fellowship church. We attended one of the Sunday services because we wanted to see what was happening. The following Sunday we never came back because we went back to our church. After a few weeks my mother decided to come back to Unity and she became a full time member of the church. She invited me to come as well to become a full time member. On the 7th of June 2013 there was a night prayer at Unity Fellowship church and I came; it was on that day when I decided to be a full time member. During the service I fell and found myself in front and I believe that the Lord was delivering me.  Pastor Mukhuba prayed for us who were in front and in my heart I was praying to God that ‘Lord let this anointing not pass me’. When the Pastor prayed for me, I shouted “fruits of the womb”! The pastor laid her hands on my stomach and prayed for me. After the service I went for counselling and I completed the Unity Fellowship Church membership form.

The Power of God at work

I prayed without getting tired for my miracle to take place and I began using the Holy Anointing oil all over my body especially my tummy and my husband also used it. My mother was very supportive and she always encouraged me not to lose faith. She was always there for me and since I had no friends she was my friend and she was also supportive in prayer. She offered special offerings and she always wrote on the envelope that “Lord, bless my daughter with a baby” and she never got tired of doing that. The teachings of the servant of God also played a big role in our lives. Our faith kept going strong, knowing that the God of Unity answers prayers. I also made sure that I planted a seed, asking for a baby from the Lord.
One time I had missed my menstrual periods and I was so happy about it, hoping that I was pregnant. I came to church for a Sunday service; during the service I became weak and I went to the rest rooms and I discovered that I was having my menstrual period. I was so disappointed and confused.  I told my mother about it and asked her that we should go home before the service was out. My mother refused and said the power of God was working in my life, therefore we should not go.  I listened to my mother and we stayed.

Destroying the altars

During September 2015, the Pastor was teaching about the topic ‘the altar destroyers and altar builders’. On the night prayer of Changing Lives in October my mother partook on the Gideonites offering. She planted a seed for my breakthrough. After that offering my husband and I started to fight out of nothing. I believed that the offering was destroying a lot of things in my family.

God performed a miracle

I had my last menstrual periods late in November 2015. Late December 2015 I decided to do a pregnancy test because it had become a normal routine that I would do when I missed my periods, but now things were different. When I did the test the results were positive confirming that I was pregnant, I thought I was dreaming and repeated the tests many times and the results were positive. I was shocked and at the same time I was happy, I could not believe that I was pregnant. Around January 2016 I went for a sonar scan and there was a baby inside of me. God had performed a miracle in my life because what was said to be impossible became possible through Him. I am so full of joy and my husband is so happy as well. Indeed the Lord never put to shame those who hope in Him!

Complete deliverance

On one of the Sunday service at church I offered the changing lives offering. The pastor prayed for those who brought the offering and afterwards I went to the restrooms and a brown discharge came out. I did not know what the cause was, I became so worried. My mother said that it was probably dirt and she referred me to the church clinic. One of the nurses at the clinic also said that probably it was dirt, but I should consult the doctor the following day. On Monday indeed I went to the doctor and he confirmed that I was still pregnant and said that I should not worry as everything was normal. The discharge that came out was just dirt.

The Lord made me laugh like Sarah

The Lord was with me through the pregnancy, however my due date of giving birth passed with no labour pains. I went to hospital when I was 41 weeks pregnant and the doctors could not understand why I was not going into labour while my time had passed. They tried everything but nothing helped until I requested to be taken to theatre for a caesarean process. I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl on the 29th of August 2016. After giving birth the baby started vomiting brown things and her faeces also contained brown things which I did not understand.  I informed the doctor and she was rushed to ICU. The doctor said it was because the baby ate dirt while she was still in my womb for the extended period. We stayed at hospital for ten days and by the grace and the power of God the baby is now fine with no any other complications and I give glory to God. The Lord gave me laughter because I never thought I would know the feeling or the joy of being a mother. Today I am a mother because of the God of Pastor Mukhuba. My heart is full of joy, peace and happiness.

Last words

I would like to encourage all the other women who are married and do not have children that everything is possible with God. Hold on to God and He will make a way for you. The time will come for you to hold your baby. God will never put to shame those who hope and trust in Him. What is impossible with man is possible with God. Like He did it for me, He can also do it for you. Coming to Unity Fellowship Church changed my life so much even spiritually. I now know how to pray and I have grown spiritually because of the teachings of the servant of God Pastor Mukhuba.