In October 2017, Lindiwe Nhlapo-Nkosi started having pains all over her body. The pain would be severe an her spinal cord area. She consulted a medical practitioner and was informed that she has ulcers. She was then given medication to treat ulcers. She had been on medication since October 2017 and her body ended up being unresponsive to the medication. She was also unable to stand for a long time due to the pains in her body. She came to the First Night Prayer at Unity Fellowship Church on 16 February 2018 and came back for the Anointing Service on 18 February 2018. During the course of the Anointing service, Pastor Mukhuba instructed the congregants to call the fire of God seven times. Lindiwe also called the fire of God as Pastor Mukhuba had instructed. She instantly started feeling a burning sensation all over her body as she did that. She fell under the anointing of God and was surprised to find herself at the altar area where she received her deliverance. She realised that she could stand for a long time during her interview with Changing Live team and she also felt that her whole body was no longer in pain. She would like to thank the Lord for her instant healing.

Child of God, the Lord is also able to perform instant miracles in your life. May you also experience His power as you share this testimony in Jesus name!