In July 2017, Aluwani Moshatane got married to the man she was fornicating with after hearing the word of God that fornication is a sin before the Lord. However, in September 2017 she noticed that there was a bone that protruded on her left hand just next to her wrist, the same hand she wore her wedding ring. As a result, she was not able to move her wrist in all directions and she would not even wear her wrist watch. Moreover, her left hand would be in a lot of pain each time she moved her thumb. Of course, she consulted a medical practitioner and an x-ray was done to determine the problem. The results of the x-ray revealed that she has a pulled tendon. She was given a thumb splint to settle the pain. The pain affected her daily duties at work. She works in the ICU and has to look after patients who have life-threatening conditions. She always had to request someone to help her whenever she needed to do certain duties because her hand would be very painful when she did her tasks on her own.

She lived in that condition until she came to attend the weekend of power services at Unity Fellowship Church on 16 February 2018 and 18 February 2018. As Pastor Mukhuba was praying during the First Night Prayer on 16 February 2018, she felt an electric sensation all over her left hand; little did she know that the Lord had started a heavenly operation on her arm. She came to attend the Anointing Service on Sunday, 18 February 2018. During the service Pastor Mukhuba requested the congregants to call the fire of God seven times. She was surprised to find herself moving her left arm and thumb to any direction without feeling any pain after that. The Lord completely healed her. Truly, she would like to thank the Lord for the anointing He bestowed upon His servant Pastor Mukhuba.

Beloved, the Lord God said that there is nothing that is too hard for Him (Jeremiah 32:27). This implies that you should trust upon Him for your wellbeing because as the Omnipotent Lord, there is no situation and no sickness that is greater than Him.