In 2006 Busisiwe Mthethwa was struck by a stroke which left her mute. Since then, she only communicated with people by writing things down on paper. Her condition was so bad that even doctors issued a medical certificate that declared her disabled for the rest of her life. In addition, the doctors also gave her a letter stating that she qualified for government grant. In 2007, she enrolled for a one year nursing course and she successfully completed it in 2008. A year later, her mother passed away, as a result Busisiwe struggled a lot because she had no one to support her with her son who is now fourteen years old. In the middle of all this, she tried to apply for jobs but was rejected because she was mute and all the jobs required her to have regular interaction with patients. She then made an application for a government grant for herself and her son seeing that chances of finding a job were very slim.
She first attended services at Unity Fellowship church in December 2017 and she attended again in January 2018. After her second visit, she realised that she was able to speak even though she spoke slowly. That gave her confidence to start browsing for jobs again on the internet. Indeed, she applied for a Caregiver Post and she was called for an interview on the following day. The person who was interviewing her then asked her why she had not worked all along with such a great qualification. She told the interviewer that she was rejected because she had become mute after the stroke and could only communicate in writing. The interviewer was surprised because she could hear Busisiwe properly and did not think that her speech would be a stumbling block at that particular job that she was being interviewed for. She immediately started working on Monday 12 February 2018.
Secondly, Busisiwe had not seen her period since November 2017. The doctors told her that her menstruation stopped as a result of the stroke she had suffered. She attended the anointing service that was held on 18 January 2018. Pastor Mukhuba anointed her and as she was sitting after the anointing, she started experiencing a slight but uncomfortable pain in her womb. There upon, she went to the bathroom to check and she realised that her periods have come back. Busisiwe was overwhelmed with joy and she could not stop praising God when she went to testify about the wonders of this great God in her life.
Child of God, the very same Jesus who healed the deaf and mute man in Mark 7:34-35 still works in our midst in this day. Those who receive Him and believe His word have the opportunity of experiencing His wonders because everything is possible with Him. The earthly doctors declared Busisiwe mute for the rest of her life, but Dr Jesus changed her story and restored her speech and menstruation. If the devil has closed you in some areas of your life, believe the Lord for your complete deliverance and receive this Word: Ephphatha! Be opened in the name of Jesus!