Bridgete Siluma suffered from a strange condition where she would tear out papers from her textbooks and notebooks. This started ever since she was seventeen years old. She would have this urge of eating papers whenever she had to study. The cravings went on for years until a time where the colour of her blood changed to pink instead of its normal red colour. She did not know what to do anymore until she attended the UBN outreach held by Pastor Mukhuba at University of Venda in 2016. Bridgete received her deliverance that day and the urge of eating papers gradually stopped.

Secondly, she dropped out from studying an honours degree in Microbiology because of the odds she faced whenever she tried to study. Not only did she had a challenge of eating papers when studying, there was also a certain force that would throw away her books from the desk. This caused her more frustration thus she ended up dropping out of school. On the 4th of March 2017, she had an opportunity to attend another UBN outreach at Seshego Stadium. She manifested with evil spirits and was ushered to the Altar for her deliverance, where Pastor Mukhuba prayed for her. She then went for counselling where she learned about how to close all the doorways she had opened in her life that gave the devil legal right to torment her.

Bridgete used to wear revealing clothes thus she was advised to change her way of dressing. Moreover, she was advised to pray separation prayers regularly since she comes from a family of people who worship ancestors. Bridgete took all the teachings she received during counselling to heart. She then went back and registered for her honours degree again. She managed to submit her research without any difficulties. When the results came back, she found out that she had passed her research with a distinction. She would like to thank the Lord for His faithfulness and for delivering her. She would also like to thank Pastor Mukhuba for her prayers.

Child of God, it is not God’s will for you to suffer. The Lord wants you to live your life in full. The devil only came to kill and to destroy. However, you can overcome the devil’s plan by leading a righteous life. Like Bridgete you need to live in righteousness so that you can experience the power of God in your life. May the Spirit of the Lord give you strength to overcome all the enticements of the devil in Jesus Name!