Throughout the 40 Days fast, Mrs Tshimangadzo Mudau received deliverance on behalf of her family. During the 40 days, there was a Wednesday when the Pastor instructed the church to bring lists of their family members. Mrs Mudau did so and after that the Lord worked in her family.

She had a brother who used to go to a false church and he had hanged the photos in the family home. He left the church and even moved out of the house but the people who stayed there refused to remove the photos from the cult church. They said that he should come remove them himself.

After Mrs Mudau brought that list, she received a call from home and she was told that the brother had suddenly decided to remove the photos after four years even though he did not know that Mrs Mudau wanted them removed. Three of her other brothers were always fighting at home and when she sent them grocery money, they would fight about what to buy and the money would ultimately get wasted.

After bringing the list, she sent money home and she was told that her brothers were getting along and they had drafted a shopping list and gone to the shops peacefully. Finally, another one of her brothers was suffering but he never wanted to hear anything about church. After the Tuesday service at Unity (on the 21st of March), she received a "please call me" message from her brother and when she called he told her that he was in pain.

She told him that he could always come and get assistance at Unity Fellowship Church, but, as long as he was not prepared to come to church there was nothing she could do. On Thursday he called and said he had taken leave at work and he finally came to Unity on the 26th of March. The Lord is saving her family through Unity Fellowship Church.