Tumelo Mathebula would like to thank the Lord for His divine intervention in her career. In her profession, she was required to write board exams before she could qualify to practice as a psychologist. She wrote her exams in February 2018 and she failed. She wrote again in June and failed for the second time. At this point she was so crushed thinking that she would never work as a psychologist. In her distress, she decided to attend the Tuesday Service at Unity Fellowship Church. During the Service the Servant of the Lord Pastor Mukhuba preached about the widow who was in a hopeless situation after she lost her only child.

However, the widow’s situation changed when her son was resurrected from death. Pastor Mukhuba also encouraged the congregants that the Lord was going to resurrect their dead situations and they should not lose hope. Tumelo was also encouraged by another congregant at Unity Fellowship Church during the Night of Testimonies when he shared the struggles he went through to get his practice number as an accountant. After the Night of Testimonies, she decided to apply for a remark of her board exams. When the results came back she discovered that she passed, and she was very excited and marvelled at the goodness of the Lord!

Child of God, you must never give up on your dreams. Even when it seems like they are dead and hopeless, God is able to resurrect them and give you an expected end! May the Lord revive your broken dreams in the name of Jesus!