Mr and Mrs Malumba had challenges before coming to Unity Fellowship Church Cape Town branch in Philippi. There was no peace in their marriage and they would frequently fight and argue. Their fights intensified in 2016 when Mr Malumba bought a vehicle. In July 2016, the Malumbas were involved in a motor vehicle accident together with their two children. The Lord was gracious to them and saved all of them from harm.

Mrs Malumba suffered from the torments of sleepwalking. She would wake up at night and run out of the house to the street and Mr Malumba would have to run after her and bring her back inside the house. The Malumbas wasted a lot of money consulting different witchdoctors, false prophets and medical doctors seeking help to their challenge. None of the people they consulted had a solution to their problem. Mrs Malumba also suffered from severe period pains since 2002 and her periods would last for a week.

The Malumbas knew Pastor Mukhuba from her broadcasting on Tshwane TV. In August of 2018, they saw a poster advertising that Pastor Mukhuba will be conducting “War against witchcraft” crusade and all night prayer services at Unity Fellowship Church Cape Town branch in Phillipi and they made a decision to attend these services. They attended Unity Fellowship Church Cape Town for the first time on the 16th of August 2018 during the War Against Witchcraft services.

During the service, Pastor Mukhuba made an altar call for the Overflow offering stating that those who are going to partake in the grace of giving the overflow offering will experience the healing power of God in their lives. Mrs Malumba was one of those who offered and Pastor Mukhuba prayed for her and she received her deliverance.

Upon arrival at home that night, strange things came out of Mrs Malumba’s private part and that was the end of her sleep walking and period pains torments. The couple took a photo of the contents that came out of Mrs. Malumba’s private part and brought it to church to show it to the Pastor. The Malumba family continued fellowshipping at Unity Fellowship Church Cape town and Mrs Malumba continued to receive her deliverance from the Lord. The couple is experiencing the power of God each and every day of their lives.

Mr and Mrs Malumba decided to seek the face of God through fasting and prayer from the 29th of October to the 5th of November 2018. On Sunday the 4th whilst at church, evil spirits manifested through Mrs Malumba stating that they want to kill her. On the 5th of November, Mr Malumba woke up and took the children to school. After that he went on his way to perform some of his daily duties. He only went back home after 8:00 to find his wife still sleeping complaining of a headache. He asked her if she wanted pain tablets and she said that she didn’t but that he should just put them there closer to where she was. He also prepared water for her mixed with the UBN Holy Anointing Oil.

He again left the house and went back home later again to check on his wife and found that she had not used the water he prepared for her. His wife was still laying on the bed but this time she was not breathing. He tried to turn her to feel her pulse and her heartbeat but she had no movement and was also not blinking. All the signs indicated that she was no more. He sprinkled her with water and she did not respond. He tried to resuscitate her by blowing into her nostrils and that too did not help. He covered her with a blanket and was filled with anxiety. He thought of calling his neighbours but then recalled the word that Pastor Nkuna preached to the congregants saying that they need to practice the power of prayer coupled with faith. Their church counsellor had also advised them that they should always pray and that they should call the pastor whenever they had challenges.

Mr. Malumba opened his Bible and prayed earnestly but his wife was still lifeless. His wife’s eyes were opened and he decided to close them as they looked like that of a dead person but they were not functional. Mr. Malumba then called the Servant of God Pastor Nkuna who instructed him to put his phone on his wife’s ear. Pastor Nkuna prayed over the phone as Mr. Malumba held the cellphone close to his wife’s ear. When Pastor Nkuna finished praying, Mrs. Malumba jumped up and came back to life. This was such a relief and a great miracle for Mr. Malumba as he thought that his wife was dead. The period that Mrs. Malumba spent lifeless was about 45 minutes.

After the prayer, Mrs. Malumba was still unable to speak, she had her eyes wide opened and could only breathe. Pastor Nkuna then instructed Mr. Malumba to wait for about 30 minutes for his wife’s reaction and assured Mr. Malumba that his wife would definitely talk. Mrs. Malumba slept and woke up after 20 minutes. When her husband asked her what was going on she had no memory of what had just transpired. Her husband was the one who explained to her what he had just witnessed. He then told her to call Pastor Nkuna so that she could talk to him. As they were still preparing to make the call, Pastor Nkuna called them and advised that Mrs. Malumba should get up and keep herself active by doing some household chores. He also advised that they should attend the Tuesday Healing and Deliverance Service. They attended the service and Mrs. Malumba was well and fine. We thank the Lord who brought her back to life.

One day after the church service whilst the couple was busy praying at home during the 20:00 Unity Fellowship Church time for prayer, Mrs Malumba again manifested with evil spirits. The evil spirits complained that the Servant of God Pastor Nkuna wanted the couple to take their things (muthi which was hidden in the house) to church. The evil spirits told Mr. Malumba to check behind the sofa as there was a hole there which had muthi inside. The Malumbas had a Bible and an envelope which were missing. The evil spirits told Mr. Malumba where they had hidden the Bible and the envelope. Their reason for hiding the envelope was that they knew that it would open doors of wealth for the couple, so they took both the envelope and Bible and hid them on top of the room divider. The muthi that was behind the sofa was meant for Mr. Malumba to separate with his wife. He took the muthi from the hole behind the sofa and brought it to church during the Tuesday Healing and Deliverance Service were it was destroyed. The Malumba family glorifies God for delivering them and are grateful to the Servant of God Pastor Nkuna for his teachings and prayers.

Mark 16:17–18 says “ And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” This is what the Malumba experienced at Unity Fellowship Church Cape Town branch after they were prayed for by the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba and Pastor Nkuna. Dear reader if you are being tormented by the devil, know that there’s a place of refuge and safety for you. A place where you can run to and find help. We encourage you to visit any of our branches (Tshiawelo-Midway, Cape Town-Phillipi, or Venda-Tshisaulu) where you will experience the power of God at work. The same God who delivered Mrs Malumba will also deliver you and your family.