In 2006 Anele Daniel got an internship programme in a prominent Information Technology company. In 2007 he was offered a permanent position. In 2009 he started becoming sick, suffering from ear and kidney pains.

He started feeling like leaving the job. He felt like going back home to the Eastern Cape. In April he resigned with immediate effect and went back home. Since he left his job he was unable to find another job. He tried applying to a point that he was no longer choosing what kind of a job to look for. He was even applying at retail shops but he was never called for an interview.

He first came to Unity Fellowship Church in January 2016 and that is when he saw his life starting to change. After committing himself to surrender his life to the Lord Jesus Christ, he received his healing. During the 40 days fasting of 2017 he saw a vacancy advert from the company he used to work at, for the same position he used to occupy. He decided to apply and was invited for an interview.

On the 21st of March he attended the Healing and Deliverance service. During the preaching, Pastor Mukhuba said that people’s CVs were being approved wherever they have sent them.

On the 7th of April before attending the Standard is Raised night prayer he received an email informing him that the interview he attended was successful and will be starting to work on the 1st of May 2017. Anele is full of gratitude in his heart because God has changed his life through Pastor Mukhuba.

Anele used to suffer from alcohol and dagga addiction for 10 years. He regularly came to church after that and noticed that his intake of alcohol was gradually reducing. It was in August 2016 that he completely stopped drinking and smoking. He also made a decision to stop hanging around with bad friends who were a bad influence.

His dreams have been resurrected through Pastor Mukhuba's teachings and his life is changed completely. After years of suffering, the God of Unity has restored him.Glory to Jesus.