Mr Mandlenkosi Mapitsha from George first came to Unity Fellowship Church, Cape Town branch in Philippi on the 8th of June 2018 during the Impartation Night Prayer. Before that his life was a mess and misdirected. He was tormented by the spirit of homosexuality and grew up playing with girls because he believed that he was a girl. Even though his parents were aware of his strange behavior, they did not take this to heart.

At the age of 12, he started having feelings for other boys, and that developed into something
more serious. He started dating boys secretly and managed to hide it from his parents and siblings. At the age of 17 years, his parents discovered his secret and were shocked by it. His father was very much disappointed as Mandlenkosi is the only son he has. His parents tried to convince him to stop this lifestyle but failed. Jesus and He alone is the only one who is able to deliver people from the clutches of this kind of spirits.

After his secret was exposed, Mandlenkosi’s relationship with his family turned sour and the tension worsened as he grew older. He felt discriminated against by his parents, so he ended up leaving home. He initially moved from one friend’s place to another but eventually ended up sleeping on the streets. He met friends that introduced him to drugs which he used on a regularly basis. At the age of 32 years he realised that his life was a mess and then tried to look for employment. His siblings had progressive lives and he was struggling to even secure employment. His siblings had permanent jobs; they owned big houses, and drove nice cars.

He started consulting witchdoctors hoping that they would help him sort out his life. Some told him that he was cursed and others told him that he was suffering because he had an ancestral calling. He tried to initiate a few times but all the witchdoctors that he went to would task him with studying herbs for making muthi in preparation for his initiation. He would then work hard digging herbs from the bushes and preparing them to be sold. He was always the last one to go to bed, and the first one to get up. He worked like a slave, but none of them promoted him to the next level of his initiation. Instead, they demanded animals to slaughter in order for him to be graduated to the next level. He had no money to buy cows and goats and was consequently expelled from all the initiations he went to.

In 2007, he started drinking heavily; he would drink anything that would get him drunk. He was arrested in March 2015 for possession of drugs and was put on trial for five months. Life was horrible in jail but he was encouraged by the word of God preached by some evangelists who would often visited them in jail. He often read the Bible whilst in jail and the word became rooted in his heart. When he was released from jail, he self-introspected and realised how much he needed God in his life. Thus, instead of going back to the streets after his release, he decided to go back home and to also quit using drugs.

In August 2015 he went to a false church hoping for a divine intervention. The pastor of that church laid hands on him. At that time, he believed he received his deliverance because he felt something being lifted off his shoulders when he was prayed for. On the second week after being prayed for, he started experiencing strange dreams. He would dream of a tall man, a tall woman, four short women and four short men. All of them would be naked and surrounding him. The tall woman would dance before him like a snake while touching her private part in a sexually seductive manner. Her body would move as if she had no bones. After some time, the woman would disappear. Then a tokoloshe and the tall naked man would come and force to sleep with him. This occurrence became regular and more intense, to an extent that he started dreading to go to bed. He would move from one bedroom to another in an attempt to run away from the trauma. However, the tokoloshes would follow him wherever he went.

He reported the problem to the elders of the church, but they did not escalate it to the prophet. He tried several times to meet with the prophet, to no avail. In October 2015 he visited another church in Port Elizabeth. When the pastor of that church prayed for him, he manifested snake spirits and made movements like a dragon. However, he was not delivered so he found himself moving from one church to another desperately seeking for help. Wherever he went he would manifest with evil spirit, but they were never cast out.

At that time Mandlenkosi would browse through DSTV channels looking for churches that could help him. He finally came across Unity in Blessings Network (UBN) on Tshwane TV. When he first saw Pastor Mukhuba on UBN, he believed that the Lord would deliver him through her. Soon after that, he started dreaming of Pastor Mukhuba laying hands on him.

On the 8th of June 2018, he came to Unity Fellowship Church in Cape Town during the Impartation Night Prayer, and that was the day he received his deliverance. During the time of worshipping God, Mr Mandlenkosi was carried to the altar after he reacted and manifested with evil spirits. He was making all kinds of movements and rolling like a snake. Later on the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba prayed for him. After this prayer he received his deliverance and got separated from the evil spirits that tormented him for many years.

Today he is living a free life. The spirit of homosexuality is gone, and he is no longer experiencing the torments of the tokoloshes. He no longer dreams of naked men and women and is now able to fall asleep. Mandlenkosi thanks God for His Servant Pastor Mukhuba as the Lord has completely delivered him through her prayers.

Blessed reader, the Lord is working unusual miracles by the hands of His Servant Pastor Mukhuba. If you are experiencing challenges, know that there is a place where you can run to for help and refuge. A place where the Lord Jesus Christ can turn your life around for free without paying anything for it. Jesus has come so that you might have life and have it more abundantly. Come to Unity Fellowship Church or attend any of the outreaches hosted by the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba and you will surely go back home with a changed life and a testimony.