Ms Masindi Netshituni attended the 2019 Jubilee First Night Prayer in great expectation that the Lord was going to intervene in her situation and deliver her. She was in great pain suffering from kidney challenges since 2014. She has even lost count of the number of surgical procedure she underwent since this problem started. She went through different radiological tests and scans which showed nothing significant except that her right kidney is bigger than the left one. She lived a life of pain and could not get relief from the medication prescribed.

Around the time that the Unity Fellowship Church 40 Days Fasting Prayer started, Ms Masindi suffered from constipation which caused her severe pains. Her constipation lasted until the Friday of the First 2019 Night Prayer. She was afraid to tell her parents that she was unable to relieve herself and only informed her younger sister.

On the 8th of February 2019, Ms Masindi felt pains on her left kidney and did not inform anyone about her discomfort. Her younger sister only noticed later when Masindi was unable to answer the phone to talk to their parents. Masindi then logged to the Unity Facebook page and watched the 40 Days Fasting Prayer live service and her pain subsided. On the 10th of February 2019, whilst going to work, Ms Masindi’s pain intensified again. She couldn’t continue with her journey to work but went back home. When she arrived home, her younger sister rushed her to hospital. All that Ms Masindi remembers is waking up in hospital with a drip inserted on her. She was discharged after a few hours and advised to come back the next day. The pain felt like she was being pricked by needles and it made it difficult for her to even fall sleep. She had to use continental pillows to balance herself in order to get a less painful position whilst in bed

Ms Masindi called her other sister who stays in Tshiawelo and informed her that she wants to attend the Jubilee First Night Prayer on the 15th of February 2019. She told her sister that she will get healed at the night prayer. What great faith that this was. Her sister tried to discourage her but Masindi was determined. She believed that God was going to heal her at the Jubilee First Night Prayer.

She arrived at church in pain and was still in pain during the service. After some time she got the UBN water hoping to find some relief from the pain. To her surprise, after drinking the water Ms Masindi felt the need to go to the toilet. When she arrived there she was able to relieve herself. The Lord delivered her from the constipation that lasted for a month. After relieving herself, even the pains that she was feeling disappeared. She is completely healed and free from the torments of the devil and is even feeling lighter.

Today when you come to the Anointing Service at Unity, believe that the Lord has already prepared great things for you. You cannot go back home sick and tormented by the devil. Like Ms Masindi, come to the service believing and expecting a miracle from the Lord. His hand is stretched out to heal and perform signs and wonders (Acts 4:30). We are in a season where God is greatly manifesting His power, do not allow yourself to be a spectator. Be a recipient of His goodness and greatness. See you at Unity