Sometime in 2018, Mrs Elizabeth Tutu experienced challenges with shortness of breath and was no longer able to walk long distances. She consulted a specialist doctor who failed to diagnose her condition and attributed her sickness to old age. Her condition worsened during December of 2018 and her chest would feel heavy.

Mrs Tutu attended the 2018 Crossover Night Prayer on the 31 of December at Unity Fellowship Church and brought her shofar with to join others in celebrating and welcoming the presence of the Lord in their 2019. She was not even sure if she would be able to blow her shofar due to her condition.

When the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba ordered the congregation to blow their shofars, Mrs Tutu also blew hers. After blowing her shofar, she was surprised to realize that her chest was clear and no longer heavy. She was able to breath freely and to sing and shout aloud without experiencing any difficulties throughout the service. This was how the Lord delivered her and ended her suffering. She is now free and praising the Lord.

Mrs Tutu also used to suffer from a painful knee. She would have to lean on something when walking up the stairs and would also experience difficulties when bending or standing for a long time. She was given heat rub at the clinic but this did not alleviate her pain.

When Mrs Tutu arrived home from the Crossover Night Prayer service she anointed her knee with the UBN Holy Anointing Oil. She did this repeatedly for 3 days and the Lord delivered her from the pains she was experiencing. Her knee is healed, and she is now able to bend it, walk up the stairs and stand for long without feeling any pain. Glory to Jesus!

We thank the Lord who keeps delivering His people from diseases and torments of the devil. In Exodus 23:25, the Lord promises to bless us and to take away our sicknesses when we worship Him (NIV). This is exactly what Mrs. Tutu experienced when she was blowing her shofar in the presence of the Lord worshipping Him. There is no devil that can stand in your way when you are worshipping the Lord. It does not matter what you are going through; just blow your shofar and declare His praises. You will experience His deliverance. All the walls that have closed you inside will fall down flat (Joshua 6:5).

ot allow yourself to be a spectator. Be a recipient of His goodness and greatness. See you at Unity