Ms. Thinashaka Ngobeli came to Unity Fellowship Church in July 2019 in need of the Lord’s intervention as she was tormented by a spiritual husband. She experienced spiritual husband torments from when she was 18 years old and thought it was normal until in September of 2018. The visits from the spiritual husband became frequent in that month, and she also bled after one of the encounters with the spiritual husband. From that time she began to suffer from womb and back pains. She would bleed at least twice a week and she would have severe pain when that happens. Ms. Ngobeli first thought that this was her normal menstrual cycle. She soon realised that it was not when she kept bleeding week after week. She consulted a witchdoctor who told her that she has an evil spirit who was her husband, and that she is supposed to accept and agree to marry it. She refused because she didn’t understand why she must get married to a person that she doesn’t see or know. The witchdoctor told her that she would suffer because she was refusing to marry that spirit. She then twisted her ankle that same week while she was walking and went to see a medical doctor who told her that her ankle bones were cracked, and that she needed to wear a cast on her leg for six weeks. The spiritual husband continued to torment her even being in that state. The pain continued and she had to use crutches after removing the cast. Doctors confirmed that her bones were healed, but she was still in pain and struggling to walk.

She went back to the witchdoctor she had consulted before and he told her that she was suffering because she refused to accept and to marry the spiritual husband. He reiterated that she would continue to suffer if she does not get married to the spiritual husband.
Ms. Ngobeli then came to Unity Fellowship Church in July 2019 and attended a Tuesday Healing and Deliverance. She did not believe that the God of Unity could help her. After this she went to different false churches and sort for help there. She was surprised that they were all telling her the same thing that the witchdoctor had told her, that is to marry the spiritual husband. They also told her that she needed to perform a ritual. Ms. Ngobeli then decided that it was better to come back to Unity Fellowship Church and stop going around wasting money and seeking help from the agents of darkness.

She came back to Unity and attended a Sunday Service in August 2019. After Ms. Ngobeli arrived at church, she heard a voice telling her to get up and leave the church before the service started. She responded to the voice and said that she would not leave as she had been suffering from the ankle pain for too long. She also added that she would only leave after the service. When the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba started praying, Ms. Ngobeli fell under the power of God that had filled the church. She was ushered to the altar area where the Lord delivered her.

After the service she got the UBN Holy Anointing Oil and drinking water. She drank the water and when she arrived home she felt the urge to go to the bathroom to urinate. She passed on a lot of urine which was orange and red in colour. The pains in her womb and on her back stopped after that. She administered the Holy Anointing Oil on her body and by the time she came back to attend the service on the 1st of September 2019, the pain on her left ankle was also gone. She had a black mark on her ankle and that too also cleared. The spiritual husband no longer visits her and she is now free. Secondly, Ms Ngobeli used to see a big snake in her dreams every time. This used to traumatise her such that she would not to be able to sleep for a couple of days following that dream. She received her deliverance during the Sunday service of the 1st of September 2019. She fell under the anointing and was ushered to the altar area where the Lord continued to delivered her. She stopped dreaming of the snake after that service. Glory to Jesus!