Mrs Netshisaulu’s mother had been suffering from stomach pains since 2018. The pains she was experiencing caused her to struggle to walk. Her mother stays in Limpopo with her son and younger sister. Mrs Netshisaulu’s younger sister disappeared from home in June 2019 and there was no one who knew where she was. The family was worried about her safety and wellbeing. On Sunday the 8th of September 2019, Mrs Netshisaulu visited Unity Fellowship Church for the first time. She was given a visitors’ form during the time of welcoming visitors. She completed the form and also wrote her prayer request believing God for her mother’s healing and her sister’s safe return home After the church service at around 6PM, Mrs Netshisaulu made a telephone call home to her mother to find out how her mother was feeling. In her heart, Mrs Netshisaulu believed that God heard and answered her prayer requests about her family. Her mother gave her a good report that she was doing very well and able to walk and to do things for herself. She was only experiencing minor pains on her back. She again called her at a later stage and found her completely healed. Glory to God. On Wednesday, the 11th of September 2019, Mrs Netshisaulu called her mother again and was given the feedback that her younger sister had just returned back home safely. Mrs Netshisaulu called the younger sister herself who explained that she didn’t know where she was and that the people who had captured her just released her and told her to go. We indeed serve a mighty God. Mrs Netshisaulu only had one encounter with the God of Pastor Mukhuba and He dealt with her problems. She had faith in Him and He healed her mother and restored her back to full health and also caused the captors of her younger sister to untie and release her from captivity and to return home safe.