Mrs Phalanndwa comes from a family that worships idols. In their home there were two frogs which they worshiped and they had two pots of water where those frogs drank. She suffered a lot as she would see her blood getting drained in her sleep. They were so poor in her family that they cloud not even afford to buy food. They ate from the dustbins. She met her husband and she thought she would be relieved of her suffering. The curse of poverty followed her even to her marriage. Her children became too thin that one would see their rib bones because of lack of food. She continued suffering with no relief.

In 2016, Mrs Phalanndwa saw an advertisement on UBN showing that the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba would be having a night prayer service in Musina. She desired to attend the night prayer but had no transport funds. During that same week of the night prayer, Mrs Phalanndwa received money from the father of her first born child and she used that money for transport to Musina to attend the night prayer hosted by the Servant of God. She also gave an Overflow Special Offering using the money she was given. Her prayer request was that the Lord would help her husband to find a job. After her offering, Mrs Phalanndwa’s husband received an SMS from his relative informing him of a position that was available at his workplace. The position required someone with experience.

The relative’s employer had requested him to bring someone for that position and Mr Phalanndwa was the person whom the relative thought of even though he did not have the qualifications and experience required. The faithful Lord answered Mrs Phalanndwa’s prayer which she had when she gave the special offering. The Lord blessed her husband with a job he did not qualify for. He was employed after 8 years of unemployment. The employer himself, took time from his schedule to give Mr Phalanndwa on job training for a week. Mr Phalanndwa ended up knowing the job better than his peers. Ever Since her husband has been employed, there is no more lack in Mrs Phalanndwa home and her children have even gained weight and are now healthy. Mrs Phalanndwa is no longer worried about what her children would eat as there is now plenty of food in her home. She is grateful to the Lord who gives the desolate a home when they come in contact with His Power that is working at Unity Fellowship Church.

Furthermore, Mrs Phalanndwa use to have a severe pain on her left middle finger since January of 2018. When the pain started, she thought that she maybe had a thorn inside her middle finger which could have pricked her. She pricked her finger trying to look for the thorn so that she could remove it and that worsened her condition. Her finger got swollen and the pains intensified. It would feel like she was constantly being pricked by needles. This pain made her to struggle to fall asleep at night. She also could not use her hand properly as her finger was in pain. Mrs Phalanndwa attended a service at Unity Fellowship Church in November 2018. During that service, the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba instructed the sick to receive their healing.

When Pastor Mukhuba uttered those words (“receive your healing”), Mrs Phalanndwa was touched by the Power of God and was ushered to the altar area. She does not remember what happened to her except that she found herself at the altar area. Pastor Mukhuba prayed for her together with everyone who was at the altar area. After about 5 days of receiving prayers from the Servant of God, Mrs Phalanndwa realized that her middle finger was healed. She has been free of pain since then and the swelling on her finger has also subsided. She now sleeps peacefully and she is grateful to the Lord for her healing. The Lord is indeed the Healer and the Deliverer!