Ms. Adivhaho Tshabuse is glorifying the Lord for delivering her from sickness and the torments of the devil. She is from a royal family and her paternal grandmother consults witchdoctors. Her grandmother also attends the false church whose headquarters are in Limpopo. Her maternal family also believe in consulting witchdoctors. Ms. Tshabuse grew up being a sickly person. She was always sick and suffering from headaches and stomach pains. She ended up accepting that condition as part of her daily life. She was also tormented by constant strange dreams of being chased by a cow and she would not be able to run or to run fast in those dreams when she tried to get away. The cow would catch up, then pick her up using its horns and throw her back down to the ground, and that would hurt. She was also tormented by dreams of snakes. The snakes would surround her, or they would just show up in her dreams.

She would also be oppressed in her sleep. Ms. Tshabuse would then suffer from headaches and stomach pains after having those dreams and suffering from sleep paralysis. She would also wake up feeling tired. She also had a moving object in her chest that would sometime choke her, and she would struggle to breathe. She consulted medical doctors and there was no diagnosis for her sickness. She also got over the counter medication, but nothing changed. Her paternal grandmother would also bring her “muthi” from witchdoctors, but it never helped. She then lost a lot of weight in 2015 but she did not know why she had lost that amount of weight. Her family then took her to consult a witchdoctor. The witchdoctor said some people are responsible for her suffering and that they wanted her to be mentally unstable. The witchdoctor also told Ms. Tshabuse that she had a calling to become a witchdoctor. She was then given “muthi” to help her. Some of the “muthi” was for bathing and the other was for steaming. Ms. Tshabuse used the “muthi” that she was given but she did not know that she invited more torments in her life. She then started to be tormented by a spiritual husband. She would also dream about seeing herself being pregnant and having children, and sometimes she would dream that it was her mother and a younger sister who were pregnant and having children. Those dreams troubled her, and she continued to be sick. She constantly suffered from dizziness in 2016 while she was in grade 12. That caused her to struggle to concentrate and she could not study during examinations. Ms. Tshabuse would also collapse due to increased body temperature. Her body would become hot regardless of the weather conditions. She endured the suffering, persevered and she obtained bachelors's pass on grade 12.

She then came to Unity Fellowship Church for the first time on the 3rd of February 2019, the day of Pastor Mukhuba’s Jubilee birthday celebration. Everyone in the church was wearing UBN Fire filled 50 years Jubilee white T-shirt. Ms. Tshabuse was also given one to wear for the service that day. She then fell under the anointing of the Holy Spirit sometime during the service and she was ushered to the altar area. While at the altar area her body felt hot and she was rolling on the floor as the Lord was delivering her. She went for godly counselling after that and she was also given the UBN Fire filled Newsletter. She took both Fire filled products when she went home that afternoon. Ms. Tshabuse started to cry when she was at home the following day. She was still wearing the UBN Fire filled 50 years Jubilee T-shirt while she was crying but she did not know why she was doing so. She then decided to call her mother on the phone to inform her that she was not feeling well and to ask her to come back home. The evil spirits started to manifest through her when she was talking to her mother on the phone. They said to Ms. Tshabuse’s mother that she should tell her daughter (referring to Ms. Tshabuse) to stop going to Unity Fellowship Church because they were burning. Ms. Thabuse’s mother was surprised at the statement that she heard as she was expecting to talk to her daughter. Ms. Tshabuse then hung up and called her younger sister and the evil spirits continued to manifest through her saying that she should tell her older sister Ms. Tshabuse to stop going to Unity because they are burning. Ms. Tshabuse’s mother rushed home after those calls and she found Ms. Tshabuse lying on her bed and manifesting with evil spirits. The evil spirits were now complaining that they wanted to kill Ms. Tshabuse through an accident when she travels to Venda in Limpopo Province, adding that they would fail because she would pray before the bus departs.

Furthermore, the evil spirits also complained that Ms. Tshabuse managed to pass grade 12 having attained the bachelors' score and they were not happy because they had caused her to be sick. They said that they had blocked her from succeeding and they were not happy with that achievement. They even complained that they no longer had money to consult witchdoctors from Zimbabwe and Nigeria to bewitch her. Ms. Tshabuse’s mother then managed to get Pastor Mukhuba’s contact details and called her while the evil spirits were still manifesting through Ms. Tshabuse. The Servant of God prayed for Ms. Tshabuse through the phone and rebuked all the evil spirits that were tormenting her. Pastor Mukhuba also encouraged her to attend Wednesday Bible Study services at Unity. That is how Ms. Tshabuse was set free from the torments of the devil through evil dreams that had also caused her to always be sick. Those strange dreams of cows chasing her and the sleep paralysis have stopped. She is also delivered from the torments of the spiritual husband and from the dreams of being pregnant and having children. The sicknesses have also stopped. She is also delivered from the thing that used to move in her chest and choking her. The Lord delivered her as she continued to attend services at Unity Fellowship Church. She would vomit during the time of deliverance as the Lord was cleansing her from all the unwanted things of the devil. We give glory for the healing and deliverance that Ms. Tshabuse has received through the God of Unity Fellowship Church and the prayers of His Servant Pastor Mukhuba. Glory be to Jesus!.