Miss Musiwa Ramathemela saw the hand of the Lord when she was suffering, and the Lord caused Exodus 15:10 to happen in her own life. She is from a family of ancestral worshippers and her family also engages in the “Malombo” dance which is part of the practice of their ancestral worship. Her family also consults witchdoctors and False Prophets. Ms. Ramathemela is the first person to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour in her family. Her suffering began in April 2019 after she dreamt of herself being bitten by a black snake on her left shoulder. She then received a call from her mother who lives in Venda Limpopo the following morning informing her that they had just killed a black snake that was in their yard. Ms. Ramathemela then started to feel pain on her left shoulder, and the pain was affecting her left side such that she even felt as if she would suffer a stroke attack. The pains continued and she even started having a severe pain in her heart. She then decided to seek help at the clinic, but they referred her to the doctor. Her doctor sent her to the hospital so that they could check her heart using the available technology that could better diagnose the cause of that pain. She was checked but the doctors at the hospital could not find the cause for her pain. Her test results indicated that there was nothing wrong, but she was still suffering from unbearable pain. She was also feeling very weak especially from her left side and she felt pressure in her heart as if someone was pressing against it.

She then started to feel the presence of a snake and she would start searching for it. That presence affected her ability to perform her duties properly at work in that she would write wrong and confusing reports. She would not be able to see that she wrote a confusing report until after her manager asks her about it the following day. Her report would be so bad that she would not even be able to read what she would have written. The presence of a snake was also affecting her finances. Ms. Ramathemela would feel the presence of that snake when she would be withdrawing money from the ATM, and she would sometimes not even know what she did with that money. She once withdrew R500, but she later found that she only had five twenty Rand notes (R100) at the time when she wanted to use that R500. She began to be stressed as she recalled that her mother killed a snake in their yard when she was growing up with her siblings. Her mother would later lose money and then accuse Ms. Ramathemela and her siblings of stealing her money as it would have disappeared. She would also feel the presence of that snake even when she is praying. She would feel like there was a snake underneath her bed, and she would start to check but she would not see or find any snake there.

Ms. Ramathemela suffered but she continued to pray. The Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba then announced that the church should fast and pray for a period of 3 days straight in preparation for the night prayer of War Against Witchcraft. The night prayer was due to be held on the 1st of November 2019. Ms. Ramathemela followed the instruction from the Servant of God and partook in that period of prayer and fasting. She started her fast on Monday and she fell sick on her third day of fasting on Wednesday the 30th of October 2019. Her sickness got worse when she was at work and she felt as if her heart was cracking. She also felt a sharp pain that was pressing against her heart. She persevered in prayer and with reading the word in Exodus 14 about the children of Israel where Moses led them to cross the Red Sea. She then joined Pastor Mukhuba on UBN later that evening for the daily 8 to 9pm prayer. She slept peacefully that night after prayer, and she dreamt hearing the voice of the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba saying that ‘it is over”. She then saw a lot of water in front of her as she was dreaming, and that water divided opening a way for her. She passed and she heard the voice of Pastor Mukhuba again, this time the Servant of God instructed her to look back. Ms.Ramathemela looked back and she saw two big snakes and those snakes were trying to follow her, but the water swallowed both snakes so that they could not follow her. She then heard the Servant of God laughing saying that “you crossed the Red Sea” after those snakes were swallowed by the water. She then woke up healed from the pain that she used to have, and she was no longer feeling the presence of a snake the morning after that dream. Ms. Ramathemela then remembered the dream that she had the previous night and realised that the Lord had been delivering her in the dream.

She then continued to pray from 6am on her way to work until she arrived as there was a prayer service at Unity and such was also an instruction to the congregants by the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba. That day she worked well without feeling the presence of the snake. Ms. Ramathemela is completely delivered from the torment of that snake spirit and she is completely free from the pain that she suffered following the dream where she was bitten by a black snake. The word of the Lord has come to pass and delivered her from the torments of the enemy. She is grateful to God for healing and deliverance. She is also grateful to God for the prayers that are made by His Servant Pastor Mukhuba and to Pastor Mukhuba for her teachings, especially about prayer and fasting. Glory be to Jesus!.