Ms Tshiwela Masiagwala is a child of Unity Fellowship Church who was suffering from a hip joint problem. She would experience pains on her right hip which would cause her to limp when walking.

She watched the Online Service on the 17th of May where the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba encouraged the viewers to contribute towards the continuity of the UBN Online Services by making monthly monetary pledges so that the gospel of Jesus Christ should continue to be preached through the UBN TV station and all the social media platforms which the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba uses.

Ms Masiagwala heeded the call and immediately transferred R300.00 to the UBN bank account numbers. As she continued watching the service, she heard others calling the Servant of God to pledge themselves to contribute R1,000.00 and above towards the online services. She had a burning desire to also pledge R1,000.00 as she knew that she was able to afford it.

She thus called the online service contact number to commit herself to offer R1,000.00. The lines were very busy and she called close to 200 times (194) as she did not want to miss the opportunity to help Pastor Mukhuba to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through the Online Services.

When the Servant of God answered the call, Ms Masiagwala was unable to talk as the fire of God had already started working in her body. Her voice could not come out and she kept touching her waist area which felt like it was on fire. She could not even hear what the Pastor was saying when the Servant of God was busy praying for her. All that Ms Masiagwala remembers is that she experienced great heat closer to her tailbone area as if there was an object burning her tailbone. She immediately fell under the power of God as the Lord continued to work in her body removing all the pains. After that experience, Ms Masiagwala stood up and found that she was completely healed. Glory to Jesus.

We serve a God whose power knows no barrier and no distance. He can use any media to bring deliverance to His people. Ms Masiagwala was in Venda, hundreds of kilometres away from Pastor Mukhuba when the Servant of God was praying for her. The Pastor only prayed God’s blessings over Ms Masiagwala for honouring the call to pledge towards the continuity of the Online Services but the Lord took care of the pains which were in her body.