Mrs. Gladys Mataboge would like to praise the God of Unity Fellowship Church for His favour and provision.

When the country lockdown started, Mrs. Mataboge’s employer informed her that she was going to get paid half of her salary since she would not be working due to the lockdown. She decided to withdraw some of her long-term investments so that she can provide for her family. She then planted a seed in Pastor Mukhuba’s bank account. After planting that seed, as she was praying, she started having a vision where she saw herself selling oranges. She ignored the vision, but she kept seeing the same vision as she continued to pray. She shared the vision with her husband, but her husband did not take her seriously. She further shared that vision with the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba. She then started searching for a place where she could source oranges so that she can start her business. She found one and bought the oranges. She also hired a team to help her sell the oranges.

On another day, Mrs. Mataboge went to a farm shop to buy some vegetables. She had some of those oranges in her bakkie. The woman who owns the shop at the farm asked Mrs. Mataboge if she could leave her with 20 bags of oranges so that she could sell them for her. The woman promised her that she would sell the oranges and give her the money. Mrs. Mataboge was surprised that the woman could not order directly from the supplier since she owns a shop, but she was not. Instead of that, the woman preferred to get them from Mrs. Mataboge. The very same day before sunset, the woman from the farm called Mrs. Mataboge to tell her that those bags of oranges were all sold and that she needed more bags. Mrs. Mataboge offered her Isaac Sacrificial offering from her business account and she continued to offer during all the Online Services. Wherever she would go, her oranges would sell quickly.

On another occasion, Mrs. Mataboge approached a well-known local Supermarket because she wanted to supply them with oranges. She met the store manager and they agreed to the proposal. They then requested 50 bags of oranges, and immediately made an electronic fund transfer to Mrs. Mataboge’s bank account. She continued to approach another Fruit and Vegetable Supermarket in Pretoria for the same reason of wanting to supply them with oranges. She was successful in her endeavour as the shop owner requested that she supply them with 70 bags. As she was amazed like that, the woman from the farm called her requesting 30 more bags of oranges. Mrs. Mataboge further approached another Fruit and Vegetable Supermarket, and the owner agreed and requested to be supplied with 100 bags. She is still amazed, and indeed experiencing the favour of God upon her life, because these supermarkets kept on requesting more bags to be supplied to their stores. Mrs. Mataboge was reminded about the teaching from the servant of God Pastor Mukhuba from the book of Esther about the favour of God.

Mrs. Mataboge again approached a certain big supermarket with 10 branches in suburban areas. She displayed her oranges and the store manager liked them. However, the store manager advised her that the supermarket does not accept supplies from anyone except directly from the market. The store manager then took a picture of oranges and sent them to the owner of the supermarket. The owner approved Mrs. Mataboge supply proposal and ordered 1000 bags of oranges right away. This God is amazing. He is Jehovah Jireh!

In addition to that, Mrs. Mataboge decided to go to the streets to sell the oranges. She was successful as people could not pass her, but they would stop their cars to buy oranges from her. Some were buying two or three bags at the same time. Mrs. Mataboge managed to sell 60 bags within 3 hours. A certain lady who was selling vegetables next to Mrs. Mataboge saw that she was selling oranges in large numbers, and she went to get oranges. Mrs. Mataboge realised that the woman was also selling oranges when she got to her usual spot the following day. To her surprise, customers preferred to buy from Mrs. Mataboge until that lady stared at her in amazement because no one was buying from her. As a child of God, Mrs. Mataboge decided to leave so that people could also buy from that lady as well.

Mrs. Mataboge is grateful to the lord and she would like to encourage the congregants not to withhold their money but they must offer to the services of God. Glory be to Jesus!