Mrs. Aluwani Phuravhathu gives thanks to the Lord for the divine protection. Mrs. Phuravhathu is a child of Unity Fellowship Church. On the 1st of July 2020, Mrs. Phuravhathu was traveling to Venda, Limpopo with her husband. Prior, to them leaving they informed the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba of their journey.

While on their way to Venda at around 9 pm they came across a certain car where the driver gave them a signal to stop by switching on the hazards. The car driver went to the extent of getting out of his car and gave a hand signal for them to stop. Mrs. Phuravhathu and her husband did not stop as they did not know the driver of that car. A few minutes later still on the road, Mrs. Phuravhathu’s husband noticed a car driving behind them approaching them at a high speed. Mrs. Phuravhathu’s husband decided to switch on the hazards to signal to the driver of that car to reduce the speed, since on the road there were donkeys. Moreover, they were approaching a speed hump meaning they would have to reduce their speed. The driver of that car never reduced the speed. Mrs. Phuravhathu and her husband were left with no choice as they could not move out of the road since it was not safe. Moreover, they could hit the speed hump warning sign that was beside the road.

The car which was approaching them at a high speed then acted as if it was overtaking them, but then it bumped the right rear backlight, bumper, and tyre of Mrs. Phuravhathu’s car. The car then passed them and did a U-turn approaching them. Mrs. Phuravhathu started shouting the name, Jesus! Jesus! When the car was approaching them, they realised that it was the same car of the driver who gave them a signal to stop. That car stopped and the driver was drunk. Mrs. Phuravhathu’s husband asked the driver of that car if he was intending to kill them. The driver of that car responded that he thought the car was of his friend since they are similar. However, he had caused damages to Mrs. Phuravhathu’s car. He gave them his details, but he got away before the accident could be reported to the police.

Mrs. Phuravhathu just saw the hand of God upon this accident because it could have been something worse. Little did she know that the enemy planned to kill them on that accident. On the 5th of July 2020, Mrs. Phuravhathu attended the Healing Weekend service at Unity Fellowship Church. During the service, the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba declared to the children of God that Coronavirus will not kill them. She further declared that even the plans of the devil to kill them through accidents will not happen. After the Servant of God declared that, Mrs. Phuravhathu manifested with evil spirits. The evil spirits were complaining saying that the prayers of Pastor Mukhuba protected Mrs. Phuravhathu and her husband from the accident that was supposed to kill them. Those evil spirits were cast out in the name of Jesus by the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba. Mrs. Phuravhathu is full of praises and amazement of the power of God that worked in their lives. Moreover, their car had the UBN Fire filled sticker.

Brethren, there is nothing hidden before our God. The plans of the enemy about your life are programmed to fail. Jesus Christ defeated the devil at the cross of Calvary. Glory to Jesus!